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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I had to ReCreate my Blog Site

I had to transfer my Blog, in order to have "Followers".
Now, I did not realize that this would necessarily be a good thing. . .
Or that it wasn't just the expected thing for a Blog-Maker to have it available for you as a normal part of the set-up. But that just goes to show what I know!

Regardless, here are all of your Comments from the last week transferred here!
Thanks for All of your Positive Comments. Whenever I feel bad about myself - I am gonna come read these! Wow.

Now PLEASE become a Follower of this blog (since I went to all the work of transferring it to blogspot.)

This week I am going to post photos of my project.... Don't miss that!

wow really very impressive and a cool idea... best of luck with it.


Dear Naomi, I love the picture with you and Russ, also is amazing to know hoe little you were when you did your first dress. Like I always say, you are very obnoxious talented. LOL

That sounds like a lot of fun! I'm bookmarking your site.


Just got your e-mail Naomi, and I have to say I am not surprised at all.....Except maybe for the fact that you have not done it before. are off to a good start. I don't know about joining you in your project from the Thrift Store, But if I had the time, and I was a little younger, I would do it. Love, Vicki


Cool Naomi :)

This is so wonderful!!!
Love and Blessings to you and your new baby!!!
Nina Joy and Family


How cool!!! This challenge was "designed" (no pun) for you!!! I cannot wait to follow your creation and see how it goes! I never knew about your "scarlett Ohara" dress! Do you have pictures?? how fun!! I wish I had time to do this too.. I'm going to show it to ruthie!
love you!


This is cool! I'm soooo excited to see your "musty dress"! Love the lavander story, when I see it I think of you.


This sounds totally up your alley...have fun! Wish I had enough talent to do the challenge :-)

Wow, cool idea, you can do it, Naomi!! I'll be bookmarking this, I want to watch your progress.


I used to sew, everything..then as time went everything's a lost art...keep up the good work..


This is so you. What a brilliant project for you to tackle...or should I say conquer. Can't wait to see/hear more :)

John Nelson

Sounds neat!! You should check with Vicki for some tips. She found musty old me in some dark corner, and is still attemping to wash me enough times to soften me up. I know you'll do well with your project. john


i have followed your creations on your etsy web site and I am anxious to see your Scarlet dress as i live in greater charleston, SC where Scarlett came after Rett when he said "i dont care a damn Scarlett". So keep up the pictures and make it good. Go Girl.

Samantha R.

This is an awesome idea! I love the pic at the top of the page by the way, very artsy and cool :-)


Naomi I Loved the dress you made!! You are so Artistic and have a great eye when it comes to creating designs of any kind!! I wish you all the best in the contest and I know you will do very well!!! Can't wait to hear more!!!


A treasure of a story, i can not wait to read the ending. Great success and blessings.....LA


You are an amazing woman! I miss your beautiful face so much, and I hope to get to see you before the year's over. Great job on this site - I'll be checking back :)


Naomi, what a great idea for a contest! Your a shoe in. Keep those creative juices flowing. We sure miss you guys. Oh and that picture you guys still look the same, just a few wear marks. Me gusta! Have a great day, Greg


Love the story and what a great dress! Can't wait to see the outfit you make for the contest. Do they have a place we can go to vote on your outfit? P.S. working on coming down in Oct.

Su esposo

I love you and I think what you are doing is incedibly creative and I wish I had the same talent as you "siempe mi amor." RB


Mexicoruss said...

Keep up the good work!

Mexicoruss said...

I like it and like I said before I love you and I know you will do this and do it well!

Lisa Zinza said...

Looks great Naomi... Looking forward to seeing your challenge progress!!

joan said...

Having been to your beautifully decorated home in Puerto Penasco, and seen some of your other sewing projects, (how about showing a picture of your
"tie" skirt) I have no doubt you can pull this
one off. You are amazing!
Missed my spring trip to MEXICO, but hope to see
you in the fall.
Will be anxiously watching your progress with the outfit.
Joan Benton