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Monday, February 7, 2011

I have been creating something a tiny bit unique. 
Arte Nouveau Meets the Beach 
My New Jewelry Collection. 

First viewing today. ....
Overall opinion:  You will either "get it" ...or you won't. 
A bit off-center, slightly off-kilter, 
crazy, gaudy and perhaps a touch gothic or medievel.

Love 'em or leave 'em Designs. 
(Ha) You know what I mean.

I designed each piece.
Most of them have a slight hint of the Sea 
with a piece of Sea Glass, a starfish, sand dollar 
or other beachy trinket..... 
I will have them on Etsy (SeaDebris marketplace) PRONTO.... 

Bronze, silver & gold melded with natural starfish on a neck cuff.
"At 20, flirty & coquettery."  and "At 40, an outcast."
Aqua blue and purples on gold metal lace w/ clay leaves.

Another view of the aqua & purple.  Oh la la.

For a Mermaid's neck.  Pearls, Starfish, Oyster & Seashells, 

And, last here is my first piece of the collection to sell..... 
A 3 piece set of silver with sea-foam green seaglass. 
The neck cuff, earrings & bracelet were some of my favorites. 
Apparently, someone else loved it too.

3 piece set. Earrings, neck cuff & bracelet.

P.S.   Forgive the creepy model's old neck.

You may have seen my previous neck cuff attempt with the finds 
from the bargain bag of lost & broken jewelry 
from the Desert Treasures thrift store.... 
Once I made one, I got inspired, I guess. 

I also received a gift from a friend -
An assortment of collectable buttons of the past.
many of these buttons make a statement just as they are. 
Added to my designs, they are incredible.  

So once again, I share with you my funky inspirations! 
For the slightly gothic red & black corner of my head...
My daughter painted these back a few years ago 
with that sometimes dark teenage passion.

(I still love 'em, Bethany!)  

Blue Shoes
Black Rain
“The creative is the place 
where no one else 
has ever been. 
You have to leave the 
city of your comfort 
and go into the wilderness 
of your intuition. 
What you’ll discover 
will be wonderful. 
What you’ll discover 
is yourself.”



Lisa said...

Naomi... You have Out Done Yourself!!! No I think You have Found yourself!!! WoW... Absolutely exquisite!! Personally.. I love the aqua and purple... closely followed by the mermaid.. WoW!!!

And Amazing work Bethany! Deep!
You ought to have your own shop..
loved the photographer in the glass reflection! There has to have a deeper meaning in that .. right?!

Like mother ~ like daughter!!!


Naomi said...

Hi back Lisa!
I am with you on those reflections in the glass... I think it reflects a parallel universe or something.

One day, I will have to do a blog posting on Bethany's artwork. Some of it is pretty incredible.

I am always impressed with how many views you get on your Etsy Treasury lists... I don't know how to get more linked into that.... (Maybe because I am cheap & don't $$$ for their extra advertising)I have never messed with those. Do you? And, is it worth it?

MagicMarkingsArt said...

Naomi - Your neck cuffs are a true smorgasbord of simply fabulous treasures well put together and beautifully designed. Your apple didn't fall far from the tree as your daughter's work is astonishing too.