Monday, March 28, 2016

Festival of Spain Fashion Show - March 20, 2016

This Fiesta called the Festival of Spain and its first ever Fashion Show,
"Moda Flamenca"
was held at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

I spent weeks getting things ready for the show. 

Russ and I set up a booth on Sunday morning to display some of my things. 

A few of my friends (along with some of their friends)
all gathered on Sunday afternoon at my booth. 
I had dresses that I was hoping would be right for each of them
and I had made up some flower hairpieces, too. 

Everyone was ready . . . (we dressed really fast because the 
dressing room area was really hot and stuffy!)
It was air conditioned in the hallway...
And so we waited!
There were great dance presentations on the stage outdoors.

Finally, we were lined up and ready to go. 

Each of our faces showed a tiny bit of stress or nervousness, I think.

Each dress has been Re-Created from other items. 
 First off, I will show you the dress that sold before it could be modeled.
It is a great example of how I take a few pieces of clothing 
and then add some detailing and remake them into a new dress. 

Ok... Now on with the Fashion Show
Note:  Some photo collages will also show what I started with. 


 Two of the dresses were from prior shows and 
so have been modeled previously.

After the other designers had also shown their designs, 
we were all invited back to the stage. 
What a fun day! 

We all had a fun "finale" moment... stomping our feet - flamenco style!
Thank you to my fantastic volunteer girls!
Thank you to Angelina at Flamenco por la Vida for inviting me.
Thank you to my great friends from Penasco who came up, joined the audience 
on a warm Phoenix afternoon, just to cheer us on! 
Thank you for the great photographs, Jam Sani Photography.

PS I guess I will have to show you my dress.... 
I really love it and the fabric is fantastic! 
~ it turned out pretty dang "classy" ~

A web page that I did all about Flamenco: