Saturday, August 8, 2020

2020 Summer Sewing

I have been working on a collection of outfits for my 
2020 Fall Fashion Fiesta

The collection will highlight the theme of the Roaring 20's with a a bit of Art Deco included. I am pretty excited about what I have already been able to work on, since spending so much more time "en casa" these days... 

My closet "stash" of outfits ready and waiting is slowly growing. About a week ago, I went and looked through all of the hangers... and there were actually things I already had forgotten that I had made!

Today I thought I would share a post about how I re-design an outfit. 

I found this beaded silk top on Ebay.  Ordered it. 

When it arrived it was even more beautiful than I had expected.

However, the neckline was way too high. 

Besides looking dated and "old" I imagine it would also be uncomfortable and scratchy, too.

I decided to remove the high neck first. 

I remembered that recently 
I received a donation of some fantastic pieces 
of jewelry. I sorted through what 
I had over at my studio, 
and came back with a few 
that may work.

Then, started messing around with the necklaces. 

Not bad. 

Then I tried this one and I think this is it! 
Perhaps it is too "blingy" bright, tho.

I turned it wrong side out and the gold is muted a bit. 
Yes. This is what I want...

and, it will look great with the colors in some of my other designs! 

A few hours of hand-sewing later, 
an almost finished top. 

 The next step will be designing the skirt which is being created from a set of drapes that also were a donation from one of my clients. She thought the fabric was too interesting to just throw away when she replaced her window coverings.

I agree. . . And, I LOVE it when people think of me! 

Tomorrow I will tackle the skirt. 

Hmmm.  Maybe I will add sleeves. 

Stay tuned to get more details about the Fall Fashion Fiesta. 

November 2020  /  Rocky Point, Mexico


Will you be in town? Interested in modeling? 

Well, when you return to RP this fall, bring a pair of shoes that have a vintage flair to them... 1920s style or any "Mary Jane" style shoes.

See you soon!  



Saturday, May 23, 2020

2020 Virtual Fashion Fiesta


In anticipation of the 2020 Fall Fashion Fiesta 
(planned for November), 
I am super excited to announce a First ever:  



YES. I got this idea from a Virtual Fashion Show.
Here are a few photos from their models.

Courtesy of: