Saturday, June 8, 2024


Artwork on poster by @bethanyhartwickart

I was invited to be a guest designer 
at a local Fashion Show to be held 
outdoors in the courtyard at 
Jenny's Collective. 
I accepted and got busy
working on a summer collection 
of bright and happy colors. 

I already had saved a selection from 
the 2023 Border Fashion Week 
Collection that I had presented in Nogales.
(* You can find all the photos
from Nogales in the following 
blog story below.)

Jenny and I before the show. 

Models "chilling" in Ginny's studio.
Thank you for the great dressing room space! 

Me appearing way more forceful
and bossy than I ever intended.

The models make the show! 
Thank you to all of you: Jeri, Leti, Alma, Joy, Adriana, 
Gabriela, Sandi, Terri, Deb, Ginny, Lena, Colby, Diana, 
Karen, Ken, Michelle and special thanks to Randi.... 
Randi has been in every fashion show that I've done 
in PeƱasco. In a crazy mishap of a couple of 
"no-show models", Randi became the 
finale of the show. . . 
Which was exactly how it should be!
Thanks again everyone.

Here is the video recap. 
Click the link to either Instagram or Facebook. 

Instagram Reel/Video of all of the models here: 

Facebook Video Recap of the models here:

About the dress that I wore during the
Fashion Show: It wasn't really on-theme
as a Boho Summer style.
But it's my Russ dress.
Suit, shirt, necktie, belt buckle and tie pin. ♡

"Your memories linger in every corner of my heart,
shaping who I am and guiding my every step.
I can still feel your warmth and hear your voice,
reminding me that true connections go
beyond the boundaries of life and death.
I carry you with me always. . .
In laughter and in tears
in both misfortunes and in triumphs."
(Author unknown)

'bye . . .  until next time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

BFW 2022


Border Fashion Week 
Nogales, Sonora
Octobers 6-8, 2022

Here are my 22 designs (plus what I wore.)