Friday, July 27, 2018

Let's just call it August.

Here in Sonora, the humidity has hit. 
It is almost August and we can look forward to 
about two months of hot and humid weather.
sitting under the air conditioning is the go-to daily activity. 
Get the outdoor work done early in the morning and evening. 
I am happy to have an indoor project to get busy with! 


Last year (2017) I didn't organize a fashion show because 
our first grand-daughter was due in October. 
She just turned 9 months old and is a little sweetheart.  


O. And, I was also planning a very special family event -
A 55 year anniversary party for my parents. 
We are already more than halfway through 2018 
. . .time to start planning! 

Check out the FASHION SHOW Page on this Website 
to see photo albums from all of the past shows.

Stay cool this summer.  
"Sewing Forever; Housework Whenever!"