Monday, August 29, 2016

Fall Fashion Show Date Announced

After a "Hiatus" in 2015, the Fall Fashion Fiesta is back! 
Don't miss the fun... (we won't do anything too serious.)

This year make it an Outing with your Girls!
We will be at Southside Jillz.
Come early for Lunch. Noon to 2:00 
Featuring Lunch specials 
and an all new Fashion Video Presentation. 
 Wear your favorite SweetNaomi ReCreation 
or SeaDebris clothing item and 
strut the runway and have a photo shoot! 
Plus, receive a discount on 
any purchase made that day from my studio!  

Bring your friends! 
Spread the word and 
Remember how much fun we always have. . . 





to wear boring clothes!"


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fashion Frenzy

So, I was checking out some of the 
Fashions going down the Runways for 2017.
Wanted to get some inspiration....
Hmmm. Who is going to be wearing these?

My Opinions:
First off the shoes are all BEYOND BAD.
The mis-matched socks, hilarious. 
The girl in pink looks extremely ill.
Somewhat "home-made" quality to a couple of these, huh?
However, I do Love that the stripes are not horizontal.


My Opinions:
Again. . . The shoes. Ugh.
Somebody forgot their slip...
Somebody is wearing their pillowcase.
The stripes, hat and tennis shoes is just a Mess (and, not hot).
And, the blue and green looks like a craft project gone awry. 
However, I do kinda like the big bow in front of that pink dress.


My Opinions:
The girl in blue is definitely in some witness protection program.
Another forgotten slip...
Angry girl with a bad hair day and doo-dads gone berserk.
And, another girl with the flu, perhaps? 
However, I do Love the blue shoes. Super-cute.


Now, for a few that I found that I like... 

My Opinions:
What's not to Love. . . black and white polka dots!
And, a funky cool big necklace.

The bohemian dress has fun colors....

The navy with stripes - Simple and elegant...and thinning, too.

And the sunny yellow one, just the bodice is spectacular.
Plus, the shoes are classics!

Ok!  I have some inspiration.
Thanks for joining me.
Now, I gotta get busy. . .