Sweet Naomi Original ReCreations

The name SweetNaomi comes from a song, 
actually called Naomi's Song by Jerry Riopelle written for his wife, Naomi.
A cute song with crazy lyrics.  

So there you go. Trivia.
(...oh! and it has absolutely nothing to do with whether I am sweet...or not.) 

Anyhow, I thought this would be a sorta romantic looking name and logo for my Flamenco Inspired designs that I would be designing and showing at the Tucson Flamenco Festival. This was years ago, and the logo and name has stuck.

You can read the details here on my story titled  I Am Committed!
And you can see my progress in this story,  The Project Consumes Me!
And, then pictures of the fashion Show at  Here We Go!

6 of the 10 original dresses that I made for the Fashion Show were sold during the event.
Here are photos that we took of some of them.  

Notice the black, white and pink dress (above left) 
Here is how it started out before being "ReCreated" 
these are the original clothing items that I used to 
make the new Flamenco Dress. 

And, here is the final garment being modeled!


I have to throw in this photo.
Here is a Pirate outfit and a Mermaid Outfit.
Made of recycled clothing, seashells and fishing nets.
At the Mermaid's Market Pirate and Mermaid Extravaganza   
 April 5, 2014
More photos and info at www.mermaidsmarket.com


Another fun thing to "Re-Create" are old T-Shirts.  
Here are some sample of T-shirt dresses 
that I have been creating. Many of these 
have been special order. 

Recycled dress made from a tank and other discarded clothing items.

Bleach-dyed, hand-painted and finally stenciled  

Tablecloth linens into a beach wedding dress 

Always something new in the Off the Beach Shop 


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