Friday, December 30, 2011

Assemblage: The Latest Trend in Jewelry

Well, before I show you my latest "Fascination"... Look at the excerpt from this article: 

Following excerpt (by Valli Herman) can be found at:
     Worn in multiples and combined in eccentric, slightly kooky combinations, today’s jewelry makes its statement with size, color and audacity - not price.
     Many collections feature a strong vintage feel. Now is the time to reassess that pile of forgotten chains, bangles or rhinestones. Trends include cascades of pearls mixed with matte metal chains; rhinestones partnered with ribbon; and rosettes that anchor asymmetrical assemblages of beads, chains, leather & fabric.
     Metals don’t aspire to be "precious" - they’re content to look like they belong in a hardware store. A recession-inspired return to less-precious materials, coupled with a new consciousness about sustainability, has helped inspire a creative renaissance in fashion jewelry. 
     The trend is good news for all of us who have despaired that our jewelry is a hodgepodge of different styles, materials and decades. Matching is out, mixing is in. Now is the time to flaunt your personal style, says Ken Downing (Neiman Marcus). “You can combine bracelets and bangles that feel as if they have been collected not only from various places on a journey, but also from various times.” 
     That intricate necklace of mirrors, medallions and bells you bought in India (or the neighborhood thrift shop) is now the height of fashion. Forget restraint: Big necklaces can complement earrings the size of a corsage. Or copy the baroque approach of designer John Galliano of Christian Dior and pile on a bib necklace of gold medallions. . . 
     Colleen Sherin (Saks Fifth Avenue) advocates mixing layers of chains and not worrying about everything coordinating perfectly. “An off-kilter, eclectic look is really on trend,” she said. 

OK. So that goes along just SPLENDIDLY with this project!
Here is the shoebox of "mom's" costume jewelry. 
My "task" was to come up with 7 different assemblage pieces.  
The finished pieces would be given to daughters -in-law & grand daughters. 
Isn't that a sweet idea? . .  . I loved it!

So, each piece would include parts of several necklaces
along with earrings & brooches which would compliment each one. 
So, here are my creations: 
3 necklace strands & a few assorted earrings on the shoulder.

3 great necklace strands, grape earrings, bird earrings and an oriental pin for balance.

A Classic beauty! 5 strands and a fantastic brooch for the focus!

Necklaces & chains, a funky brooch and several earrings.

OOH-la-la! Crazy silver strands, rhinestones, the other grape earring & MAS!

3 more great necklace strands with seashell earrings. Love it!

Crazy black & whites strung together with red earrings as a Focus!
I now have another project using a combination of jewelry,
seashells and sea glass pieces!  
Like I always say, "Beachy!"  

And, here is my creation using MY old & abandoned jewelry. 
I tried to sell it for awhile...but... NO! can't do it. 

And, here is a great one that I would like to use for Inspiration:
 Check out all of  her creations at:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

RPT - Local NewsPaper WriteUp


I am going to reprint the Article that Sandy Spain wrote 
in the December issue of the Rocky Point Times 
You can also see it online at: