Tuesday, November 9, 2021

2021 Fall Fashion Fiesta Photo Album

November 3rd, 2021  

2 Years in the Planning. . .
Two clothing designers: Naomi & guest, Dalia
35 models (from age 13 to 70+) 

Plus, 4 salon teams: 
Lourdes Rivera Makeup and Hair Artistry, 
Gloria's Salon, Mary Kay Alex and Iza  

3 Charleston dancers - Cultivarte Dancers 
A 1926 Ford car with owner, Dennis G.

Volunteers: Alberta & Sara, Marcia, Jenny and Carol O 
Our fabulously dressed MC, Sarah C.

Tony Ballesteros taking fantastic photos 
Jimmy Maldonado's great video team
So much local support in the audience
 . . . and, of course, Russ the one man "music man"

Dalia and her models 

Linda, Maru and Carol

Lora, Judy and Karen

Ana, Teresa and Kathy

Katherine, Jerri and Haley

Mary, Rebekah and Adri

Rachele, Jenny and Sarah

Carol, Emy and Felicity

Dottie, Terri and Heidi

Randi, Jeannie and Lea

Shayna, Kathy and Ellie 

"Whoo Hoo!"


Some random pics from Facebook:

. . . and, we can't forget the car. 

A few more angles of the entire group:  
(and, soon we will have a video of the runway.) 

until next time . . .  
                              ~ Naomi 

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Roaring 20's Inspired Fashion Show

Join us for Lunch and a Grand Afternoon
 Shopping, 1920's Entertainment 
. . . and the Fashion Show
All Seating is Outdoors. 
Enjoy Open Air and the Sea Breeze! 


Thursday, June 3, 2021

Roaring 20's Trivia: KNEES

Remember the movie, Chicago? 
It may not be historically accurate to a fault. 
But, it is a Hollywood depiction of the Flappers and the time of the Roaring 20's.  So, let's dive right in by listening to the first few lines of the song, "All that Jazz": 

"Come on babe, why don't we paint the town?
And all that jazz.
I'm gonna rouge my knees and roll my stockings down
And all that jazz."

Ok. What's the deal about "rouged knees"?
 . . . Well, I had to find out!
Here are a few quotes from what I found:

"That’s not just a weird lyric — it was a major fad during the Roaring Twenties to rouge one’s knees. While dress hems would hit flappers below the knees, that part of the leg would usually expose itself while they Charlestoned inside dance halls. So by rouging them and rolling their stockings down, it only brought more attention to that illicit flash of skin."

"The 'flappers' were wearing skirts shorter than ever before (hemlines just under the knee were the ’20s version of a miniskirt), they were rolling down their stocking below the knee or giving up on them altogether, and knee rouging became just another way to attract attention to an area of the female body that had never been as visible before."

Then, apparently, it went even one step farther. 
The girls even painted pictures on their knees.

"Rebellious girls in the 1920s wanted to anger and shock their Victorian-era parents, so not only would they bare their knees with short dresses, but they would also paint pictures to make sure an onlooker didn't miss their risque hem length. Rolled stockings became a fad with the shorter hemlines, and girls would go get roses, butterflies, ocean scenes, or their dogs' faces painted on their knees to further push their boundaries."

So, to sum this all up (in 1920's slang)  
Having rouged or painted knees. . .  
Seems to have been the "bee's knees" 






Tuesday, January 26, 2021

2021 Goal: Zero Waste

For 2021, I have decided to work on having "zero waste" 
from fabrics and textiles in my sewing workroom. 

My SweetNaomi ReCreations by definition 
have always included mostly Recycled, Upcycled 
and Reclaimed items for the "Re-Created" designs.
When I came up with SweetNaomi Re-Creation
 as a design name, this was the focus:
However, with this Zero Waste project, I will try to
 make use of every fabric and textile scrap. Having said that, I will 
obviously still have some waste in the workroom. 
Limited to un-usable paper 
or cardboard bits, broken needles or zippers, etc. 
However, I am positive that I can drastically reduce 
the amount of waste my workroom produces. 
The project will be called "tailings":

tailings (plural noun) tay liNGz
1. the residue of something;
2. the materials that are left over

As I post items (on Facebook and Instagram)
throughout 2021, you will see items that
are 100% made from
the "tailings" of my other sewing projects.

The first of my "tailings" project are these pillows.
Their filling contains the "tailings" of many other projects -
which for the most part are already reclaimed fabrics and textiles!


The next project was to make use of some fabric bits that I
had saved from a few men's shirt that I had made in 2020.
Using the applique process, I added these vintage pin-up ladies
and sexy mermaids to a few reclaimed neckties
that I had in my stash.

Here is the first one. I love it! 
And, a few more. . .

. . . and, then the mermaids! 
with shades of purple and grays. 

I have loads of ideas on how to accomplish this.
Stick around to see more. . . .  

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