Saturday, January 31, 2015

"The Rest of the Story" as they say

Well, I am pretty excited that we are going to have our 
Pirate and Mermaid party again this year. 

So, I wrote a silly little article to try and explain the 
concoction of things that make up this "Extravaganza":
Pirates ~ Mermaids ~ New Orleans ~ Zydeco


Pirates, Mermaids and New Orleans  
by Naomi Black

The Mermaid’s Market is in its 3rd year and has become known as a local marketplace to find unique and eclectic ‘mermaid treasures’. . .gifts, clothing, candy, home decor, paintings,  photos and so much more.  Each 1st and 3rd Saturday (during the months of October through April) you can find ‘mermaids’ selling their wares at the Shrimp Park in the center of Rocky Point. 

As a grand finale to the outdoor season, on April 18th, 2015 the Mermaid’s Market will present its 2nd Pirate and Mermaid Extravaganza. This is a fun all-day event which will begin at the park and continue into the evening with live music! The event is a New Orleans Cajun Party with Pirates and Mermaids galore! 

Ok. Ok. I hear your questions: What do Mermaids, Pirates, New Orleans, Cajun Food and Zydeco Music have in common? What is the connection? Well, I would love to explain. 

In 1970, I was a little girl living in Arizona and my parents took my sister and I on a trip to Disneyland in California. The most mesmerizing ride at Disneyland for me was the Pirates of the Caribbean. I certainly was not alone as that ride is still considered by many as one of the most spectacular attractions ever created for a theme park!

The Pirates of the Caribbean was originally to be a walk-through attraction (with wax figurines).  Walt Disney (along with his team of Imagineers) decided that the rousing pirate story should become a boat ride instead. It was the last attraction whose construction was actually overseen by Walt Disney himself and he died three months before it opened. However, on March 18, 1967 the Pirates of the Caribbean ride opened at Disneyland Park in California. 

Today it is located in New Orleans Square. Hmmm. . .New Orleans and Pirates, of course! The ride includes such detailed scenes, lavish special effects and memorable characters that it has remained a beloved classic! Spiraling over to Hollywood with the blockbuster film series starring Johnny Depp. 

But, what of Mermaids?  Well now, did you happen to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides? Yep. You guessed it - Mermaids (seducing pirates...)

Pirates were terrified of mermaids, or so the story goes. Pirate lore depicts mermaids as perilous creatures associated with floods, storms and, shipwrecks! Pirates told of mermaids who were drawn to the surface by man-made light and singing sailors, only to drag the sailor to the depths of the ocean. . . Never to be seen again. Of course, on the brighter side, mermaids can also fall in love with humans. Remember, Ariel in another famous Disney story? 

So, what can I say? For me, it’s all a part of the fantasy: Pirates, Mermaids, New Orleans. Nothing scary. Nothing too real. And, all in fun. So. . .The Pirate and Mermaid Extravaganza – A New Orleans Cajun Party. . . Now, doesn’t it just sound like fun?

Besides all of the Mermaid's "treasures" that you normally find at the Mermaid's Market, we add: Great food (Cajun Boil or Jambalaya)! Fun drinks (Blue Mermaid Margaritas or New Orleans style Hurricanes)! Costume contests for adults and children to dress up as a Pirate or a Mermaid. Just a great day to dress-up, pretend and be a kid at heart. 

This year to really put us in the mood, we have the Bayou Brothers coming to introduce us all to Zydeco music. You just cannot keep your feet still when you hear this music. So, do not miss the fun! Saturday, April 18, 2015.

Stories and Photos from last year:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

La Cueva ~ A New Boutique

So, my little studio and workshop "Off the Beach" is only open on Friday. 
Of course, you can also see my "junque" (ie: designs, eclectica, etc) at the 
Mermaid's Market on the 1st and 3rd Saturday each month 
through April at the Shrimp Plaza. 
But, now you can shop all week long . . . Ha! 
The new gift shop and boutique is open at Sonoran Spa. 

So, here is the deal, it is inside the mini market. 
So you have to go in through the mini market to visit the shop.

(Around the corner & to the left from of main entrance/lobby of Sonoran Spa)

Stop by and Check it out!

meanwhile, back at my studio. . . .
Just in time for January Jam,
I have tons of bar t-shirt skirts and this great Bandito's Dress.
Somebody needs to wear this to the concert 
(and be the best dressed girl there!) yes.

MARIA MARIA skirt  (also, perfect for RCPM concert)

Country song lyrics "Sea Debris" beach sign

Another Sea Debris beach sign with authentic "found" beach wood. 

More junque at the shop. (Notice the "que" on my junque) 

One of my favorites. 

Fun bar t-shirt skirts

Skirts, and scarves  . . .   (Oh! that peacock skirt is a beauty)

Hand-Painted and detailed with Tattered fabric fringe

 ______________________   o    o    o   ____________________

Just announced! 
Yes we are doing it again for 2015!
With some surprises and great fun! 
APRIL 18th, 2015  

 ______________________   o    o    o   ____________________

Every 1st & 3rd Saturday thru April. 
At the Shrimp Plaza.