Monday, April 25, 2011

Arte Nouveau Bib Necklaces

I ran out of the necklace "cuffs" I had purchased at a sewing store. 
I had made all of them up & they are popular. 
When I returned to purchase more, they were gone! 
I searched the web and I cannot find them to buy online. 

So, I needed a bit of inspiration. 
And I found it on Etsy.
First, I will show you some of my inspiration. . .
Then, I will show you my creations.
VIntage Blue choker by Roselanijasmin

Arte Couture harness Bib by Artlab
Indie fashion harness by Attiladesigns
Butterfly Necklace by Jewelera

Ok. So there are some fantastic artists out there! 
They create incredible wearable art that I truly adore. 

So, with "mucho" inspiration in my head, 
I searched through my junque and came up with some of my own creations. 
Each one seems to evolve a bit more with this adventure...
The fabric neck cuff, bib, harness, choker...
Call it what you may. 
And, thanks to each artist for the inspiration. 

Available on my Etsy site and in my Shop.

"Ooohh!" Purple is always my favorite! With berry, grapes & beads!

OH, I just finished a black, gray and silver one. 
(I need my camera!...)

Well, be sure to check these out at Etsy 
...or locally, at my shop here in Puerto Penasco.

SeaDebris on Etsy

Click on this page for a map to my shop if you are in Penasco!

"Renew thyself completely each day;
do it again, and again, 
and forever again."

~ from a Chinese inscription