Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Summer Plans 2022

It's that time of the year when it gets pretty quiet 
around here - as most of the snowbirds have gone and
anyone who is left behind is spending their time at the beach
or hanging close under their air conditioning. 

It's all OK with me. I enjoy the summer months.
When my shop and Seashell Museum go to an 
"appointment only" schedule and we have a few months 
before we begin the next Mermaid's Market season in 
mid-October. (This will be our 11th Season!) 

NOTE:  If you ARE in Rocky Point this Summer 
and you want to shop for a unique gift 
or have visitors who want to visit the Seashell Museum, 
Remember I'll open the shop & the Seashell Museum by appointment. 

Make an appointment by either email: 

 It's not that I won't stay busy with projects. Ha!
As many of you know, I have a "hoarder closet" STASH that 
can easily get me through these summer months. 

(A bit of Summer Advice that I adhere to...)

OK.. I promise not to get bored.... 
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