Monday, November 15, 2010


Two evenings in a row I had Opening parties for my little workshop.

One was private and one was public.

It was fun.
Lots of people came by!

Thank you to everyone who could stop by and see what I am planning!

Such a good positive response!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heading Off in Either of Both Directions

My latest artsy project is my Arts and Crafts Studio, "Off the Beach".
I am actually having a Grand Opening Open House tomorrow.
So as they say, "Let the Stress Begin!"
I am just a teeny tiny bit excited as this is an idea that I have had for a long time.

But now that it is tomorrow, I am freaking out.
(I already used my "Am I a Chicken" picture on another post, too bad.)
It would have been fitting today.

OK So we are going to have wine and crackers and cheese. It will be fun.
AND, hopefully this will make it so everyone will think of my store when they have a gift to buy (or make), need a messenger bag (I have about 30 made up, I think), have bored friends or family in town, or the weather is bad and they need something to do!

Here in Penasco, there are lots of retired people who come to winter here on the beach.
While the esposo goes out fishing or to watch the "Game" at a local bar . . and,
Well, What's a girl to do?

Many of these ladies are avid beachcombers and have collected treasures from the beach (which I call Sea Debris) so come and do something with this stuff!
OK so that was my plan.... A craft studio, a work shop and a gift shop of my SeaDebris creations, too.

So my husband built me this little shop and handed it over to me to fill with up with my "Junque" about the same time I started writing for an online Travel Guide called Nile Guide.

So with glue and paint on my fingers, sticking to the keyboard while I madly type reviews about restaurants and hotels. . .
I have gone headlong in two completely different directions!

Is this not the Story of my Life?

Here is the Nile Guide link to what I have been doing for the last 6 weeks: