Cholla Bay Projects

Russ and I have some projects going on out in one of our 
favorite spots here in Sonora, Mexico. 
 We are rebuilding a few houses in the ecclectic community
of Cholla Bay.It is a fun project and we decided to do 
a series of You Tube Videos to document the progress 
on one of the houses.

Yeah, Yeah we are definitely NOT ANY threat to the popular ReHab teams 
who have fun and make profit on You Tube! 
  But, some of our crazy videos are somewhat interesting and there are 
plenty of  "Are you laughing WITH us or AT us?"  moments!

Just for fun, here is my favorite "episode" where we
find a spider hole and make other funnies...



In one of the old houses that we acquired for this project, 
we found a really fantastic old piece of Cholla Bay Nostalgia! 

A Sentimental Journey
A Grand Adventure
A Carefree Time

Here is a copy of a little paper booklet that we found in an 
old fishing cabin that we recently purchased in Cholla Bay. 

The writing is funky, yet the story endearing. 
Join an obviously fun-loving group as they wander 
along on their expedition (eating all the way). 

Then, watch the video that is at the end. 
I dare you not to say, "Those were the Days" 
when you are finished.

We hope you enjoy this!
Perhaps you will see a name that you know!

October 1971


One more piece of Nostalgia from our area. 
A brand new 1956 Cadillac. . . 
Why not take the family to Mexico? 
The Burgbachers did. And they made a film about it!

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