Tuesday, May 22, 2012


"Assemblage art was born as an act of recycling and re-purposing. 
Fundamentally, it is accomplished by taking something that is broken 
(or without use in its current form) and putting it together 
with other found objects to create a piece of art. 
The technique has become more popular in the past decade, 
as there is an increased focus on conservation, recycling, and reducing waste."

SO, in my last blog article, I showed you this photo as my next project.
The project is finished, and I thought I would let you see how the pieces now look!   

The jewelry ready to be re-designed......
Pink & Silver w/ Misty White Sea Glass & Silver Starfish

Forever Friend Detail

Glassy Blue, Green & Aqua Sea Piece w/ wrapped SeaGlass

Close up . . .  I Love these Colors of the Sea!
Copper & Bronze Eclectic Collection of Under Sea Treasures
Swirling Wave Illusion with the SeaMist Green Sea Glass
"I believe we will see more assemblage jewelry 
make its way into everyday culture as time goes on, 
especially with the ecological climate and 
continued focus on wasting less and re-purposing more."

Here are a few more Assemblage re-Designed Pieces
These are just close-ups of some other pieces that I recently made. 
Copper, Turquoise Hearts with a Tiny Verdigris SandDollar

Red SeaShells w/ Silver Hearts, Inspirations and a Rosebud

Dreaming of the Sea: Golden Memories & Delicate Ivory Shells  

Filligree Heart w/ Golden Sea Charms & a Coppery SandDollar 

Deep Purples & Silver Filigree w/ a Bejeweled Dragonfly 

"The only negative to be aware of is a possible addiction to the art form.
Everything you see will soon seem like a perfect piece for an assemblage!
Recovering pack rats beware." 

My Studio is filled with Assemblage Art Items. 
My next project will be some crazy-cool new  
 assemblage clothing designs ~ 

Revived for a new life.


* All quotes above by Carly Wickell