Friday, February 12, 2016

My Flamenco Passion!

So, I am invited to be participate in a Flamenco Fashion Show 
at the Festival de EspaƱa held at the Phoenix Center for the Arts

In past years, I also was a part of a similar event in Tucson. 
Perhaps, you remember some of those pictures:

From several years ago, here is my "before" photos 
of one of my project dresses - followed by the "after" completed dress. 

So, here we go again!!
I thought I would post pictures of my "stash"
. . . .this is what I have to work with:

At first glance, pretty boring things...
Hopefully, they can become some great flamenco outfits.

Stay Tuned.


Some Inspirations:

I got a lotta work to do...
see you soon!!