Thursday, May 30, 2013

Altered & Transformed

"OOPS!" (again)

As is often the case with my projects, I forgot to take a "before" picture. 

However, I went online and found some skirts similar to the one that would be 
the "base" for this particular project. 

So I was given a skirt - which was a tan shade - 
and yet very similar to one of these:
You get the idea . . .  a crocheted skirt. 

So Donna (the skirt's owner) also gave me: 
  • a chocolate brown leather skirt
  • an ivory blouse with a starfish and fish to use 
  • some earrings with little fish on them

 I added a few more items from my stash:
  • an embroidered dark brown tank top 
  • a camisole top with a pretty, flowy bodice
  • some chocolate brown heavy lace edging
  • a length of authentic fishing net
  • a chocolate brown lace top 

This was a really fun project. I wanted the final dress to be 
slightly bohemian with a hint of the ocean... 

Here are the results: 

(NOTE: My living room isn't usually full of boxes of seashells, 
but I am working on another project . . .  so there you go.)

LIFE: A work in progress!

 Above you can see the part of the earrings that 
I took apart to use on the top, there are also small fish
as you can see in the close up below.
Also notice the bits of silk & chocolate leather strewn across 
the bodice and a bit of beadwork.  


The original skirt had enough fabric to make two layers of 
crocheted loveliness on the new dress! 
The white is from the camisole bodice which was cut apart. 

Here you see the leather rose that I made and if you look closely, 
you will notice the authentic fish net hanging from the waist along with pieces 
from the chocolate brown, lace top which I used for the sleeves on the new dress.
The long sleeves cuffs were finished with "leftover" fabric from the tank top, 
some lace and the crocheted skirt.

So there you have it! 
That is my latest Altered Project! 

Donna came to get her dress today
and I think she was happy with it! 


"So here's to life and all the joy it brings  
Yes, here's to life and dreamers and their dreams."

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My "Off the Beach" Workshop & Studio


The last seven months have been a very nice and yet, crazy ride! Starting last fall with showing at the Flamenco Fashion Show in Tucson, then deciding to do my first Fashion Show here in November and continuing thru the fall as we launched the twice-monthly Mermaid's Market and then, into this spring with the Spring Fling Fashion Show... 
Not to mention other great local events, like Las Conchas' Art in the Park, the super cool Taste of PeƱasco, and a first time showing over at San Felipe's Blues and Art Festival!   

Wow!  I feel like I have been a traveling show 
for the last 6 months plus. 
It has been really, really awesome. 
And a lot of fun!

packing  . . . unpacking . . . packing . . . unpacking

(But . . . just to be perfectly honest, a few months of "slower" is not going to disappoint me.)

But, I won't get bored... and, we have a summer project to announce (pretty soon) 
just working out the details. 
I hope it will be a great community project. 
So stay tuned, as they say.

And of course, my studio will be open each Friday thru the end of June. And as always, by appointment for most any other time including thru the months of July, August and September. 

I am including some photos of items that I have available at the shop. 
So stop by!  Fridays Noon to 5 thru the end of June. 
Or email for an appointment & I will gladly run over and open up for you!

Mermaid Hairband with Authentic shells & fish net