Sunday, May 26, 2013

My "Off the Beach" Workshop & Studio


The last seven months have been a very nice and yet, crazy ride! Starting last fall with showing at the Flamenco Fashion Show in Tucson, then deciding to do my first Fashion Show here in November and continuing thru the fall as we launched the twice-monthly Mermaid's Market and then, into this spring with the Spring Fling Fashion Show... 
Not to mention other great local events, like Las Conchas' Art in the Park, the super cool Taste of PeƱasco, and a first time showing over at San Felipe's Blues and Art Festival!   

Wow!  I feel like I have been a traveling show 
for the last 6 months plus. 
It has been really, really awesome. 
And a lot of fun!

packing  . . . unpacking . . . packing . . . unpacking

(But . . . just to be perfectly honest, a few months of "slower" is not going to disappoint me.)

But, I won't get bored... and, we have a summer project to announce (pretty soon) 
just working out the details. 
I hope it will be a great community project. 
So stay tuned, as they say.

And of course, my studio will be open each Friday thru the end of June. And as always, by appointment for most any other time including thru the months of July, August and September. 

I am including some photos of items that I have available at the shop. 
So stop by!  Fridays Noon to 5 thru the end of June. 
Or email for an appointment & I will gladly run over and open up for you!

Mermaid Hairband with Authentic shells & fish net


Unknown said...

is that the outside to your shop? how cute!! love what you've done!!!

MexicoNaomi said...

Yes .,.. Russ helped me and we painted and put in planter boxes.