Tuesday, November 9, 2021

2021 Fall Fashion Fiesta Photo Album

November 3rd, 2021  

2 Years in the Planning. . .
Two clothing designers: Naomi & guest, Dalia
35 models (from age 13 to 70+) 

Plus, 4 salon teams: 
Lourdes Rivera Makeup and Hair Artistry, 
Gloria's Salon, Mary Kay Alex and Iza  

3 Charleston dancers - Cultivarte Dancers 
A 1926 Ford car with owner, Dennis G.

Volunteers: Alberta & Sara, Marcia, Jenny and Carol O 
Our fabulously dressed MC, Sarah C.

Tony Ballesteros taking fantastic photos 
Jimmy Maldonado's great video team
So much local support in the audience
 . . . and, of course, Russ the one man "music man"

Dalia and her models 

Linda, Maru and Carol

Lora, Judy and Karen

Ana, Teresa and Kathy

Katherine, Jerri and Haley

Mary, Rebekah and Adri

Rachele, Jenny and Sarah

Carol, Emy and Felicity

Dottie, Terri and Heidi

Randi, Jeannie and Lea

Shayna, Kathy and Ellie 

"Whoo Hoo!"


Some random pics from Facebook:

. . . and, we can't forget the car. 

A few more angles of the entire group:  
(and, soon we will have a video of the runway.) 

until next time . . .  
                              ~ Naomi