Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tucson Flamenco Festival 2013

Well, in my usual second-guessing self,  I said "yes" to the Tucson Flamenco Festival's Fashion Show again for this year.  I really, honestly, truly had planned to say no.  

I am too busy, it was too much work last year, etc.  etc.

But then . . .   I said yes. 

Anyhow, last year, I took 10 dresses to the show.  The night before, a handful of dancers and volunteers had to pick and choose between my dresses to see what would fit them and come up with 7 to wear.  That was really tough!

So, this year, I had a wonderful group of volunteers. 
First off, one day in my shop I mentioned it to Barbara & Michelle 
and before I knew it,  I had all the models that I needed! 

So, this year I had the extravagance of a real, actual FITTING in Tucson prior to the show! 
What a difference that made!   
Checking out the fit on Michelle.... looks good!

Gotta show off that tiny waist a bit....

Tons of Thanks to Barbara for the use of her house!

Now, onto the Show!
September 20, 2013
At 7 pm we were scheduled for a dress rehearsal.
The doors would open at 8.  We would be on at 9.
Getting organized on the stage.
Can you tell I am just a TINY BIT NERVOUS?
9:00 pm and the audience awaits.

But no.... one of the VIP tables sit empty! 
And so we all have to wait.   and wait.  and wait.

  And, then we are on! 

Here are each of the 6 models in their dresses: 



Lilly Rose

And there they all are. 
A variety of Flamenco Inspired dresses.
Hurrah Everyone!  Thank You to all these great ladies! 

Now it is time to set up the boutique. 

And watch the Fantastic Flamenco Dancing!

Thank you again to Barbara Rock, Michelle Ruffo, Shelby Dickey,  
Alicia Taylor, Debra Watkins, Lilly Rose Black, Michelle Niles, 
Alberta Campos and (of course) to Russ and Braden.  

OH! By the way I sold 6 dresses. Including my favorite ReCreation, The Swamp Dress!
Here is the blog on making that dress, just in case you missed it. 

In case you'd like to see it,  
here is the blog from last year's show.

My new dance quote signs are available at my workshop and soon on Etsy.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Deadline has Passed. . .

The PeƱasco Runway Project: Altered Ropa 

THE FINAL COUNT:  14 contestants who are working 
(or maybe it is playing?) 

. . . but, one way or the other, 
being creative! 


 We have an esteemed bench of judges. 
5 people with unique & varied backgrounds.


The Contest will be held on 
Tuesday, October 8th at 5:00 pm

Baja Hotel and Cantina
  in the Mirador

Tickets $10 U.S.
and, will Include:
Mexican Buffet and 1 Drink

RSVP Requested