My Altered Couture

The original Thrift Store "Finds".

In 2010, I discovered Altered Couture Magazine

I love this magazine. catering to the whimsy of "Redesign" 
and "Repurpose." It offers a Challenge to its readers.  
And, I entered this challenge. The submission deadline was September 15, 2010 for the issue to be released in February 2011. Here is the challenge guidelines (from the website):

Got 20 bucks? Then you qualify for this challenge:

1. Visit a thrift store and purchase a complete outfit for no more than $20.
2. Take “before” photos of the outfit.

3. Alter the outfit a la Altered Couture so that it transforms into an art-to-wear outfit.

4. Write a brief description about the experience.

5. Submit the photos, altered outfit and description. 

So I started this blog to follow my progress! 
And I thought that I could possibly get published!  
How cool would that be??

I submitted my project (which you can see in detail here in the first 8 blog postings archived under 2010). 

After months and months of waiting, I received my dress back in the mail along with  
explaining how many submissions they receive and that I should not get discouraged and try again!
So, I got my dress back & I will wear it on occasion.
Am I discouraged?  Yeah, probably. . .
Will I try again?  Yeah, probably. . .
In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy other projects and postings that I make here!

And, you can see the entire start to finish project on the blog postings archived here on this site.  Search the Archives in July, August and September, 2010 postings. or by the the Label "My Altered Couture Project." 
Original Reason for this Blog: My Altered Couture Dress Project