Tuesday, March 19, 2013


"Wearing a hat versus not wearing a hat is the difference 
between looking adequate and looking your best."  
~ Martha Sliter

"You can flirt with a fan in your hand. . .
 But a woman can really flirt with a hat."  
~ Dolores Foster

"Women wearing hats are at once sophisticated and whimsical....Their faces are younger and softer.  They carry themselves differently, daintily, like deer.  Their voices flutter a bit...even when they are talking about things like money and power and work, 
even when it's clear they're very much in charge of their lives."  
~ "O" Magazine

"A hat is a shameless flatterer, calling attention to an escaping curl, a tawny braid, a sprinkling of freckles over a pert nose, directing the eye to what is most unique about a face.  Its curves emphasize a shining pair of eyes, a lofty forehead; its deep brim accentuates the pale tint of a cheek, creates an aura of prettiness, suggests a mystery that awakens curiosity in the onlooker."  
~ Jeanine Larmoth


"Hats are a great antidote to what is going on.
It is really their purpose to put a happy face on a sad world.
~ Stephen Jones

"I myself have 12 hats,
and each one represents a different personality."

~ Margaret Atwood

"A hat is to be stylish in,
to glow under,  to flirt beneath,
to make all others seem jealous over,
and to make all men feel masculine.
A piece of magic is a hat."
~ Martha Sliter

"That is the thing about hats. . .
They are extravagant and full of humour
and allow for a sense of costume,
but in a lighthearted way.
 ~  Stephen Jones

"Go Ahead and Bloom"
 "When you wear a hat, it is like medicine for the soul.  

You cannot hide in a hat; you will be noticed, 
especially by men.  
To men, you become a lady when you don a hat
One who they rush to open doors for.  

 To women, you become an inspiration, 
reminding them that they have a closet full of hats 
they have not had the courage to wear."