Monday, January 13, 2014

A Bit of Recognition is Wonderful!

So, it was nice to be nominated as a Re-cycle Artist for the 2013 "Outstanding Artistic Performance Award".  I think that it is super cool to get recognition! 

I was asked to submit a bio on what I accomplished in 2013 as an artist. 
I think 2013 was a pretty good year for me as an "artist" trying to expand in my local community.  

And just so you know, "artist" is not a term that I would use to describe myself. 
Maybe "eclectic" or "crazy-creative-with-too-much-going-on-in-her-head" 
that would be more my self-description. . .       

OK Back to the events of 2013.
I took a big chance and crossed that language barrier that seems to loom over me!  
Maybe next year, I will give myself an award for finally conquering Spanish! 

Well, here is my BIO with some photos added.
We had some great times!
And, I have some great 2013 Memories! 

Naomi Black

The year of 2013 was a busy year for me as January 5th was the first Mermaid’s Market of the year. With the goal of providing a venue for local artists and artisans, late in 2012 I had brainstormed the idea of a “Mermaid’s Market” (similar to previous events that had been termed farmer’s markets) with the goal of providing a regularly scheduled artisan’s showcase – a well-advertised event where visitors would have a fun place to congregate to meet, browse and shop.

With the help of my husband, Russ, we procured the permissions to host this event twice each month thru the months of October to May each year. The event has become a well-known Saturday event where between 10-20 artisans display a great variety of items from coffee, chocolate confections, jewelry, painting, clothing, metalwork, candles, recycled items and much, much more.

In 2013, I was also invited to return to the Tucson Flamenco Festival as one of their International Designers of Flamenco-Inspired clothing. Along with three other designers, I had the great honor of having my designs showcased at this fantastic Flamenco Festival.

In April of 2013, I hosted the Spring Fling Fashion Show and again in November I hosted the Fall Fashion Fiesta. Both of these events, included my recycled clothing designs along with those of Cathi & Dalia – local clothing designers from Casa Turquesa. My hope is for the Fall Fashion Fiesta to be an annual event and to expand to include more local clothing designers. 

However, the highlight of 2013 in my opinion, was October’s Peñasco Runway Project:  Altered Ropa Challenge. This was an idea that I have had for some time, inspired by the popular US reality show, Project Runway. This was a sewing project focused on re-cycling or re-designing existing items of clothing into a new garment. This project was the most challenging for me, because I am not bilingual, and I wanted to cross the language barrier for this contest. In all, over a dozen local contestants entered the contest, and just a very few of them spoke English!  A select group of patrons allowed me the ability to award several cash prizes to the winners in 3 categories, along with a Grand Prize of $3000 pesos for the most outstanding designer!

Along with these events of 2013, I keep busy at my studio, “Off the Beach” where I create a variety of seashell crafts, jewelry pieces along with many sewing and design projects.
Puerto Peñasco is such a great community for any artistic endeavors! I think creativity thrives here under the Sonoran Sunshine – the Sea of Cortez and the surrounding Desert Reserve inspires us all with its beauty. 

It makes me absolutely happy to have this recognition in my community! And a big Thank You for the recognition of being nominated.    
~ Naomi Black