Tuesday, January 26, 2021

2021 Goal: Zero Waste

For 2021, I have decided to work on having "zero waste" 
from fabrics and textiles in my sewing workroom. 

My SweetNaomi ReCreations by definition 
have always included mostly Recycled, Upcycled 
and Reclaimed items for the "Re-Created" designs.
When I came up with SweetNaomi Re-Creation
 as a design name, this was the focus:
However, with this Zero Waste project, I will try to
 make use of every fabric and textile scrap. Having said that, I will 
obviously still have some waste in the workroom. 
Limited to un-usable paper 
or cardboard bits, broken needles or zippers, etc. 
However, I am positive that I can drastically reduce 
the amount of waste my workroom produces. 
The project will be called "tailings":

tailings (plural noun) tay liNGz
1. the residue of something;
2. the materials that are left over

As I post items (on Facebook and Instagram)
throughout 2021, you will see items that
are 100% made from
the "tailings" of my other sewing projects.

The first of my "tailings" project are these pillows.
Their filling contains the "tailings" of many other projects -
which for the most part are already reclaimed fabrics and textiles!


The next project was to make use of some fabric bits that I
had saved from a few men's shirt that I had made in 2020.
Using the applique process, I added these vintage pin-up ladies
and sexy mermaids to a few reclaimed neckties
that I had in my stash.

Here is the first one. I love it! 
And, a few more. . .

. . . and, then the mermaids! 
with shades of purple and grays. 

I have loads of ideas on how to accomplish this.
Stick around to see more. . . .  

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