Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Story of Funky Nancy

Allow me to introduce Nancy:

So this is my new mannequin for displaying jewelry and hats or whatever.  I had an idea that I needed something like this. And I searched online and found quite a few choices that I could buy. But then I was out making some copies here at a local office supply store and I saw this white styrofoam mannequin.  I purchased it and brought it home - not quite sure what I would do to make her a little more interesting. 

Then, I thought of my old pattern box.....

There was plenty of tissue paper here for some paper mache work. 
So, I had my idea. I had also bought some white school glue. 
Russ found me a plastic tub and I watered down the glue and started to work. 

The supplies. 

Covering the poor girl in glue and paper....
A little afternoon sun to help her dry out.

She is gonna need quite a few layers, I think.
Just a little macabre, actually.....
She looks pretty funky if you ask me....
Her back view.

Then, I had to find her a name....
So, I searched for a song or quote that seemed to fit her personality. 
I found it!
A song called Strange Kind of Woman by the band Funky Junction.

"There once was a woman
A strange kind of woman
The kind that gets written down in history
Her name was Nancy
Her face was nothing fancy
She left a trail of happiness and misery."

(Just right, don't you think?)  

So, here is a quick comparison - A Before and After.  

I've found some interesting tissue paper and a few more "busts" and soon 
Funky Nancy will have some friends.  These are great displays. 
And, dressed up they have quite the individual character! 

Check out Funky Nancy on Etsy: 

She is Funky and Eclectic. And, so stoic in her pose.
A styrofoam base that has been decoupaged (paper mache) with old patterns.
She is life size. So, she is sized just right for your hats and jewelry displays.
You can see how I used her in several of my photos.

This was my slightly scientific experiment!
I absolutely love her - so I have a few more ladies "waiting in the wings" to be transformed!
Love the Vogue pattern pieces and other specialty touches.
A band around her neck says "Guide for Neck Trim".
$40.00 plus shipping. 

I also discovered that there are several other people 
who have made their own version of a "Funky Whoever". 
Check it out: