Thursday, December 20, 2012

HAPPY 50th

DECEMBER 22, 1962  ~  DECEMBER 22, 2012

 Here's a brief Photo Album of my Parents over the Years.

 "To love and be loved 
is to feel the sun from both sides."~ David Viscott 

Here are a few of them with us 2 girls... 
Our Family...

. . . Teenagers . . . 

And, time passes.....

With all their Grandkids and Grandma Charlotte 

NOW . . .GREAT Grandparents two times over!


"The older I get, the less time I want to spend 
with the part of the human race 
that didn't marry me." 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


My December has arrived and I have no voice. 
Its not that I feel helpless because the Mayan "End of the World" is upon us. 

No. I just literally have no voice. 
 And being sick on a beautiful day like today is just plain PATHETIC! 
It is a gorgeous day outside. But I feel a little "puny" as it is said.

I am doing my ancient, somewhat Hungarian, "old wives tails" and otherwise recommended sick therapy. It is my own invention and perhaps all it really does is make me feel better while nature takes its course. 

Garlic, lemon, herb tea, chicken soup, vitamin C, grapefruit seed extract in the orange juice, gargling with tequila, lemon and honey, etc.

And, I know somebody will tell me a few more things to try...

  OK. So anyhow, just a quick idea of what I have been doing 
prior to the cold and loss of voice....  

Story of our fun wine tasting trip to Ensenada and the Guadalupe Valley 
is on the PeƱasco Recreation website at:  

What I didn't talk about in that story is that on the last night of our trip, 
Russ was trying to get the rather large van in a rather small parking lot 
and he accidentally ran over this: 

Not good.  

But he is MY HERO...


And we were all put back together again in no time!  
 We got home just in time to organize the last details for the FIRST Mermaid's Market.

Here are just a few photos (courtesy of RockyPoint360) : 

and. . . Here is a very nice Write-Up
on the Sonoran Resorts Blog.

  Thank You to Joe Houchin!

 So that's my December so far!