Monday, September 30, 2019

October and into Autumn, 2019

Looking back, our summer was not entirely what we planned. 
We started a garage remodel and were pretty excited about it. 
From our (way cool) "dance-moves" video... be glad its just the stills.
However, you know there is a saying, 
"It's all fun and games until somebody... (in our case it was) falls off the roof."

Yes. So, Mr. Black took a fall coming down off of the roof
when the ladder decided to go one way and he went the other.
That considerably changed our summer.
After almost 6 (long) months, he is close to 100% back to "normal"!

We got to spend some time with our family - kids and grandkids. 
And, that is always the BEST part of Summer! 

The best way for a grandpa to recuperate!


This summer we also did a fun photo-shoot over at the shop and the garden. 
The models and photographers are from Honey and Sage Photography 
and I think we all had a fun afternoon. 


By August, we were on the road over to the Baja Blues Fest. 
This was the second year that I reserved 2 booths. 
It is always a great event. 
Baja Blues Fest 2019

We spent a few days in the Valle de Guadalupe (Baja's Wine Country) 
extending the time away from the Heat and Humidity of August!

Overlooking the Pacific near the Bufadora in Baja Norte

 I set up with the local artists on the malecon a few times this summer, too. 
Tianguis Cultural 
Always a fantastic view! 

 Then, one last little roadtrip with my parents to visit part of "Old Route 66" 
...I think we nicknamed the "eating" trip. 
Met up with our daughter and had a bit of fun with the grand-baby
(who isn't so much of a baby anymore.) 

Well, that was my summer... more or less.   
Now. Back to work! 

My Off the Beach Studio and Workshop is open this Friday
and we are back to the "On Season" schedule. 
Open every Friday from 10 to 5. 

Hope your Summer included some Ocean time.
See you soon!