Tuesday, January 23, 2018

And, it is already 2018

 So, I guess you could say 
that I have been just a bit 
distracted lately.

There was the anxious awaiting 
for our first grand DAUGHTER to arrive.

She arrived early 
and is our latest LOVE Affair!


Then, a second distraction
was getting all of the seemingly "last minute" preparations made for the SeaShell Museum.

This is the latest addition
to the Off the Beach Workshop property.
It is now open and
I am nick-naming it the "Friday Museum"
to remind everyone that the hours
for the museum are Fridays from 10 to 5.
Of course, just like the Workshop/Studio I will always try to accomodate any
requests for appointments on other days.

So, here are a few of the latest ideas that
I have been working on...
Inspired by the new baby, I think.


The taco and tequila themes 
are - of course - pretty popular
here in northern Mexico! 


Salty Pirates
and Mermaids
...another proper theme for us.

Still working on a few t-shirt re-designed 
dresses and tunics.
I especially like this one with its
bright. colorful traditional looking Mexico colors.

O. there in the background is my
Flamenco Dance poster...

A souvenir from Spain.

A couple more re-Creations.
My friend told me these look 
a lot cuter in person.
I am just a horrible photographer.

They are pretty cute with some
fun detailing and pockets.

(Everybody loves pockets).

Russ is still making his
Re-created lights.
Here is one that is a
Havana Cuba cigar box.
Made into a vintage look lamp.
Check out that super cool old switch.

Plus other great little gifts. 

I am always working on a few 
items for the "Sea Debris" collection.
A few embellished mermaid frames.

And, even though she is a new mom,
Bethany continues to provide us with some great little oil and watercolor paintings.
These two are a set,
simply lovely, delicate seaweed studies.
Framed up in authentic rough wood 
frames we purchased in Tonala.

So, that brings you up to date on my 2017-2018 Winter 

 Check out the Seashell Museum here: