Monday, September 7, 2015

September Hits

So, I guess I will start this by saying, this is my sad little post. 
and, you don't have to continue reading.

For over 30 years, September was the month to celebrate our wedding anniversary 
along with the birth of our youngest son just one day later. 

After last year, my Septembers are forever changed. 

and, what I have come to realize is that there are never the right words. 
We ourselves in describing our loss and our feelings, seldom find the right words. 
Others in trying to comfort, struggle with their words and emotions. 
When we learn of other's grief - be it recent or long past - we know not what to say.

I always thought humans were very fragile creatures
and yet they have a resilience and strength when it is needed that is wholly unexpected.
The ability to just continue on day after day.
But, it is not just the going forward,
but the amazing - and yet slightly terrifying ability - that most humans have
to be able to smile and laugh, to enjoy the wonderful moments in life,

. . . and to hide their sorrow when the heart is most broken. 

OK. So that is sad and serious me. 
Next post I promise to be back to creative, crazy and busy me.