Wednesday, October 24, 2018

2018 Designers - Fall Fashion Fiesta

The 2018 Fall Fashion Fiesta once again focuses on the idea of Re-Creating or Re-Designing clothing. As always, the show will feature ReCycled (or what I prefer to call UpCycled) clothing styles. Why is the focus on ReCreating fashion? Well, I can go on and on about how MUCH clothing is already out there - sitting in closets, yard sales, thrift and resale shops and local segundas. 

However, let's get on with today's story! I would like to introduce the clothing designers for the 2018 Fall Fashion Fiesta:

ADRY: New guest designer for the 2018 show      

A few years ago we were planning our Pirate and Mermaid Extravaganza (finale party for the Mermaid's Market). Russ was at the bank and Adry came up to him and told him that she wanted to enter the Pirate Costume Contest. However, she had to work and may arrive late. The day of the contest, Adry came rushing into the park and had her costume and make-up with her! Her costume was amazing and she played the audience like a pro! She won the contest.

Her business name is Adry CR. She is a promoter of the culture Harajuku and presents an annual expo for the Japan, J-Pop culture. She is a designer, craftswoman and merchant. In her own words, she "designs and elaborates accessories, garments, bags, purses among other curiosities using inspiration on Alternative Fashion, Magical Girls, Pop Culture, and its surroundings." 

DALIA: Returning guest designer for 2018
Quite a few years ago, there was a great store located in in the Old Port, Consign and Design. I had some of my ReCreated clothing items there on consignment. When they had a fashion show, Dalia modeled a skirt that I had made from a dozen or so men's neckties.

Soon after, Dalia and Cathy Boyle opened Casa Turquesa. Both of these ladies were guest designers at the first Fall Fashion Fiesta in 2012. Dalia has continued as a designer at every fashion show since!  

Casa Turquesa is the one and only true consignment shop in town. Since moving to Puerto Peñasco in 2010, Dalia has been active in the fashion and beauty retail business. She creates hand-made jewelry and re-designed clothing along with her consignment store and nail salon at the Casa Turquesa in the Misión Del Mar Plaza on Blvd. Freemont. 

NAOMI:Founder/Creator of Fall Fashion Fiesta 
 *Written in the third person just to be Freaky... 

Naomi opened Off the Beach Workshop and Studio in 2010. The studio is an eclectic collection of arts and crafts, clothing, jewelry and all sorts of fun “eclectica” for the beach house. Almost everything in the studio is hand-made or “recreated” (up-cycled) by Naomi.    

Her Re-Purposed and Re-Constructed clothing line is called SweetNaomi ReCreations. She has hosted (almost) annually Fashion Shows in Puerto Peñasco. Her “Re-created” Flamenco dress designs have been featured in Flamenco Festivals in both Tucson and Phoenix.

Naomi and her husband Russ host the Mermaid’s Market, an arts and craft event held twice a month in Puerto Peñasco. In 2018 they opened the Friday SeaShell Museum  which is listed as a local "Things to Do” on Trip Advisor. 


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and . . .

Thanks again to Manny for our bio pics.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fall Fashion Fiesta 2018

So, I got this crazy idea to do a poster with PEOPLE on it. 
Which in itself was a pretty good idea.

PEOPLE.... as in one of them is me?
(Geez. Did not think this one all the way through!) 

Somehow, I forgot how much I DETEST posing.

For the "photo-shoot" each of us wore something 
that we had designed and brought a second item 
as a work-in-progress for the mannequin.
Dalia and Adry were great! 
Well, here is the finished photo
for the 2018 Fall Fashion Fiesta poster:   
I had a few other ideas. . . 
Thinking it might be cool to see us all hard at work, we 
each grabbed sewing tools and came up with this pose: 

And, finally after all that hard work
we opened a bottle of wine: 

It is a little stressful smiling and posing repeatedly. Ugh.
But, I am pretty sure that Manny (our photographer) 
had the most difficult job of all. 
He was super patient with our crazy ideas 
and somehow he made the photos work!   

Thank you Manny!