Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fall Fashion Fiesta 2018

So, I got this crazy idea to do a poster with PEOPLE on it. 
Which in itself was a pretty good idea.

PEOPLE.... as in one of them is me?
(Geez. Did not think this one all the way through!) 

Somehow, I forgot how much I DETEST posing.

For the "photo-shoot" each of us wore something 
that we had designed and brought a second item 
as a work-in-progress for the mannequin.
Dalia and Adry were great! 
Well, here is the finished photo
for the 2018 Fall Fashion Fiesta poster:   
I had a few other ideas. . . 
Thinking it might be cool to see us all hard at work, we 
each grabbed sewing tools and came up with this pose: 

And, finally after all that hard work
we opened a bottle of wine: 

It is a little stressful smiling and posing repeatedly. Ugh.
But, I am pretty sure that Manny (our photographer) 
had the most difficult job of all. 
He was super patient with our crazy ideas 
and somehow he made the photos work!   

Thank you Manny! 

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