Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Boom. . . and it's over!

 💋Wow!  So much sewing until I think my eyes just may have crossed. 
Just a tiny bit of stress (you could probably ask Russ or Bethany about that). 
The anticipation makes me completely crazy... 
💥is there gonna be wind💨, is it gonna be cold⛅, hot🔥, miserable⛈, wonderful☄, 
Blah, blah, blah... 

Everyone involved was working so hard to get all the little "moving parts" (as Russ calls them) in order. 

And, then "BOOM" . . . in the end we had one big o' fun afternoon. 
Well, I hope you enjoyed it. So, here are a few photos. 

First of all. . . 
Tony shot a few photos just before the models went "on"
So, he captured a bit of the "Anxiety" jitters... ha ha

Almost Ready. . .  

Then, Manny took some fantastic photos onstage. 
The photo shoot idea worked out pretty cool.
So here are the Collections: 

The Dancer's Dresses Collection:  Flamenco, Tango, Ballroom... 

Dahlia's Collection ~ Inspired from her Treasures at Casa Turquesa  

The Fun and Funky Collection ~ Randi, Karen, Roxanne and Adry

These are all the Party Dress collection ~ Pom-poms, Bling, Sequins, Beadwork . . ."Party On" 

and, we mixed it up with some entertainment this time. 
Michelle bringing a little taste of Flamenco to the Day.  Notice my "Flamingo-Flamenco" Dress design 
 All in fun the play on words there . . . with a giant flamingo face on the shawl

Marissa modeled for me and also brought her dancers from Destiny Dance Academy. Adorable and talented girls!

"Models for a Moment"
All of these ladies graciously showed off  SweetNaomi ReCreation designs that they own... ❤

 Ashley made the model hairdo's all so lovely 💚💚

 How do you get 20 people to all look stunningly beautiful at one moment? 
OK.  Well, we tried.  We really did.  
(You are never gonna get one photo where 20 Ladies all think they look good. 
SIMPLY not gonna happen . . . huh Manny?) 

I believe it is way better to just have FUN with it!   
Enjoy the laughter.... 

I am very happy to work with Dahlia. She has been involved as a Designer with each 
 Fashion Show since the first one I did in 2013. I absolutely love the fact that Dahlia 
also recycles or “ReCreates” clothing into some really trendy, great new styles! 
Thank you Dahlia! 

Thank you . . .  and, Thank You a second time  - to everyone who attended! 

 I was absolutely so very, very thrilled that my Bethany
 could be here at my side for this event this year.  
She makes me feel happy 
and I think we give each other a little extra confidence. 

"The Things We Do for Fashion"
A compilation video Russ and I put together from the 4 prior fashion shows. 

Here are some bits and pieces from the Fall Fashion Fiesta of 2016. 
The dancers are all here....and some of the models.

Thank you Jill @ Southside Jillz for the great location!  
Thank you very much Jerri for everything. 
Thank you Russ and Sandy.  Thank you Ashley, Alexandra and Iza.
Thank you Manny for great photos!
 Thank you Greg & Yvette.  and, Huge Thanks Always Tamra.  

and More Thank you's to all the rest....

                              and, it's over. . . . 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall Fashion Fiesta

   An Interview with Naomi

What is the “Fall Fashion Fiesta"?

I came up with the idea to have a local fashion show about 5 years ago. My hope was that it would be a way for me to get a wider audience to see some of the things that I like to make. The first event was in November of 2012 at Wrecked at the Reef and I was honestly surprised by how many people attended.

Why did you decide to present fashion shows here in Puerto Peñasco?

Well, there are a lot of ladies who spend the winter here. I think a fashion show is just a fun diversion. I absolutely love the beach, but it’s still nice to have an afternoon doing something a little different.

How long have you been designing clothes?

Since I was a little kid. My grandma taught me to sew before I could touch the pedals, as it were. She had a sewing machine with a knee pedal; when I was barely six she taught me to sew. I still have that dress! From then on I was always changing patterns and inventing my own designs. In high school, I probably looked like a super eccentric kid, I wore my own crazy designs and never knew. . . I thought I looked cool.

What is your favorite style and which clothing designers inspire you?

I love, love, love Dolce and Gabbana. It is that old romantic feel of Italy, maybe. I love romantic dresses, black lace and red roses. Lots of heavy lace. Clothes that look like they came from another era. And, embellishments like beadwork and hand-cut flowers.

What type of outfits can we expect to see at the fashion show?

Almost everything that I do has been “ReCreated.” In other words, I search for clothing pieces that already exist and have been tossed aside, but that can be changed and reworked into something new. It is recycling, basically. I will have some everyday outfits. But, also party dresses and flamenco dance dresses.

Since we live in a casual beach town, can you realistically market these styles locally?

Yes. I feature some more extreme style for the show, of course. I want to show what can be done with recycling and a closetful of cast off clothing. Many of these ladies will be travelling throughout the year, attending weddings, dinner parties, going on a cruise with “formal” night or attending some other special event. I also make a lot of casual items that are just fun for the beach.

Where do you find models for the fashion show?

I want people to see that what I make is for everyone. So, my models are ladies who stop by my shop or the Mermaid’s Market. Usually, they are my customers. When, I am working on a particular item, a lot of times, I have someone specific in mind who I think would look perfect in the outfit!

Are other designers or artists ever invited to participate?

Yes, I have always invited a couple other local clothing designers to participate. This year I am pleased to include two returning guest clothing designers. Also, several local jewelry designers, hair and make-up artists and photographers will participate.

Oftentimes, local events are fundraisers. Does your event benefit any charity?

I joke around that this is supposed to be a fundraiser for me and the other designers. Seriously, that is the bottom line, right? I mean, all of us are also entrepreneurs who are all working to make a living here!
However beyond that, in the past, we have raised money or requested other donations for women and children’s charities and for CEDO. This year, we will be including a fundraiser for local young dancers (from Destiny Dance Academy); they are saving their money up to travel up to Arizona this February for dance classes and competitions.

Give us a quick overview of the November 16th event:

Hmmmm. An Afternoon of fun… Lunch, fashion videos, lots of music, flamenco, hip-hop and ballet. About 20+ models featuring a variety of fashions! Plus grand opportunities for “shopping...shopping...shopping” - including some great raffle items.


Fall Fashion Fiesta . . . and Shopping Spree
at SouthSide Jillz
Wednesday, November 16th
Come enjoy Lunch, a video presentation and shopping between noon and 2:30
Fashion Show at 2:30
Info: mexiconaomi@gmail.com

Facebook: FallFashionFiesta

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fall Fashion Show Date Announced

After a "Hiatus" in 2015, the Fall Fashion Fiesta is back! 
Don't miss the fun... (we won't do anything too serious.)

This year make it an Outing with your Girls!
We will be at Southside Jillz.
Come early for Lunch. Noon to 2:00 
Featuring Lunch specials 
and an all new Fashion Video Presentation. 
 Wear your favorite SweetNaomi ReCreation 
or SeaDebris clothing item and 
strut the runway and have a photo shoot! 
Plus, receive a discount on 
any purchase made that day from my studio!  

Bring your friends! 
Spread the word and 
Remember how much fun we always have. . . 





to wear boring clothes!"


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fashion Frenzy

So, I was checking out some of the 
Fashions going down the Runways for 2017.
Wanted to get some inspiration....
Hmmm. Who is going to be wearing these?

My Opinions:
First off the shoes are all BEYOND BAD.
The mis-matched socks, hilarious. 
The girl in pink looks extremely ill.
Somewhat "home-made" quality to a couple of these, huh?
However, I do Love that the stripes are not horizontal.


My Opinions:
Again. . . The shoes. Ugh.
Somebody forgot their slip...
Somebody is wearing their pillowcase.
The stripes, hat and tennis shoes is just a Mess (and, not hot).
And, the blue and green looks like a craft project gone awry. 
However, I do kinda like the big bow in front of that pink dress.


My Opinions:
The girl in blue is definitely in some witness protection program.
Another forgotten slip...
Angry girl with a bad hair day and doo-dads gone berserk.
And, another girl with the flu, perhaps? 
However, I do Love the blue shoes. Super-cute.


Now, for a few that I found that I like... 

My Opinions:
What's not to Love. . . black and white polka dots!
And, a funky cool big necklace.

The bohemian dress has fun colors....

The navy with stripes - Simple and elegant...and thinning, too.

And the sunny yellow one, just the bodice is spectacular.
Plus, the shoes are classics!

Ok!  I have some inspiration.
Thanks for joining me.
Now, I gotta get busy. . .

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

San Diego. . . Here we come! #junkinthetrunk

So, off to San Diego in a week for 
Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market!

I have been working on a 
variety of things to take!  

 Lots of fun beachy signs.   

Trying to focus on that vintage look! 

"Vintage Bits" Necklaces 
Plus lots of new displays!

Liberty Station in San Diego  
Me = Space #16.


#partylikeajunker   #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket 
#junkinthetrunk    #junkinthetrunksandiego