Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall Fashion Fiesta

   An Interview with Naomi

What is the “Fall Fashion Fiesta"?

I came up with the idea to have a local fashion show about 5 years ago. My hope was that it would be a way for me to get a wider audience to see some of the things that I like to make. The first event was in November of 2012 at Wrecked at the Reef and I was honestly surprised by how many people attended.

Why did you decide to present fashion shows here in Puerto Peñasco?

Well, there are a lot of ladies who spend the winter here. I think a fashion show is just a fun diversion. I absolutely love the beach, but it’s still nice to have an afternoon doing something a little different.

How long have you been designing clothes?

Since I was a little kid. My grandma taught me to sew before I could touch the pedals, as it were. She had a sewing machine with a knee pedal; when I was barely six she taught me to sew. I still have that dress! From then on I was always changing patterns and inventing my own designs. In high school, I probably looked like a super eccentric kid, I wore my own crazy designs and never knew. . . I thought I looked cool.

What is your favorite style and which clothing designers inspire you?

I love, love, love Dolce and Gabbana. It is that old romantic feel of Italy, maybe. I love romantic dresses, black lace and red roses. Lots of heavy lace. Clothes that look like they came from another era. And, embellishments like beadwork and hand-cut flowers.

What type of outfits can we expect to see at the fashion show?

Almost everything that I do has been “ReCreated.” In other words, I search for clothing pieces that already exist and have been tossed aside, but that can be changed and reworked into something new. It is recycling, basically. I will have some everyday outfits. But, also party dresses and flamenco dance dresses.

Since we live in a casual beach town, can you realistically market these styles locally?

Yes. I feature some more extreme style for the show, of course. I want to show what can be done with recycling and a closetful of cast off clothing. Many of these ladies will be travelling throughout the year, attending weddings, dinner parties, going on a cruise with “formal” night or attending some other special event. I also make a lot of casual items that are just fun for the beach.

Where do you find models for the fashion show?

I want people to see that what I make is for everyone. So, my models are ladies who stop by my shop or the Mermaid’s Market. Usually, they are my customers. When, I am working on a particular item, a lot of times, I have someone specific in mind who I think would look perfect in the outfit!

Are other designers or artists ever invited to participate?

Yes, I have always invited a couple other local clothing designers to participate. This year I am pleased to include two returning guest clothing designers. Also, several local jewelry designers, hair and make-up artists and photographers will participate.

Oftentimes, local events are fundraisers. Does your event benefit any charity?

I joke around that this is supposed to be a fundraiser for me and the other designers. Seriously, that is the bottom line, right? I mean, all of us are also entrepreneurs who are all working to make a living here!
However beyond that, in the past, we have raised money or requested other donations for women and children’s charities and for CEDO. This year, we will be including a fundraiser for local young dancers (from Destiny Dance Academy); they are saving their money up to travel up to Arizona this February for dance classes and competitions.

Give us a quick overview of the November 16th event:

Hmmmm. An Afternoon of fun… Lunch, fashion videos, lots of music, flamenco, hip-hop and ballet. About 20+ models featuring a variety of fashions! Plus grand opportunities for “” - including some great raffle items.


Fall Fashion Fiesta . . . and Shopping Spree
at SouthSide Jillz
Wednesday, November 16th
Come enjoy Lunch, a video presentation and shopping between noon and 2:30
Fashion Show at 2:30

Facebook: FallFashionFiesta

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