Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer in a hot, humid beach town... What's a girl to do?

Keeping busy . . .  with a bit of air conditioning and the hum of the fan!
Well, most of the time...

Searched online for a picture using the words "hot seamstress"
(Yep. That was a mistake...not exactly what I was thinking.) 

That is NOT me sewing.

When I thought "hot" -  I was thinking more like this:
 Oh well.

My new motto is "I do what I want!"
(That is just a summer extravagance, I know.)

So, when I get the energy... here are some of my ReCreation Projects.

So, here on the left, I started laying out some of the different clothing pieces that 
I have collected, between donations and my thrift store finds. 

On the right, is the 
ReCreated Tunic. 

Then, I had this super small outfit. 
But, it had some great embroidery.

So, I added a man's hawaiian shirt another gauzy blouse and a long sleeve t-shirt to come up with a new dress that I absolutely am in love with.  This one is just waaaay to lovely. 

I also have been doing some painting on natural fiber clothing and it is turning out pretty fun. I have another batch since this photo, too.

And, all of these, also have the quote added,
"Live in the SunShine,
Swim the Sea, Drink the Wild Air."  

A few more t shirt skirts.
Next on the list, is a new style t-shirt dress.
I have 3 sizes of a pattern to try out for those.
And, about two dozen black t shirts to get busy
on after that.

Another fun special order project that just got finished are these t-shirts on the left... basically, there were about 7 or 8 of the square, basic no-shape-what-so-ever t shirts, and they are now transformed into scoop neck, cute style t shirts with a bit more shape and shirt tail hems.   

Oh yeah, did I mention the flowy Re-Created cruise dresses?
These just have to be favorites...

They are fun, summery dresses each Re-Created for a new life.
(And, I think the "new life" should definitely be on the dance floor.) 

The detail work on the purple one was a kinda
a long-term project... The flowers were hand-cut
and each hand-sewn before being attached along with 
the beadwork. But, oh!
My favorite colors....  

Here is another project in the "Idea" stage.
I have 4 pieces.
And, the plan for this to be a funky cowgirl dress.

I pinned it on the dress form just to see what would happen.... Well, like I said...
this one is still a bit of a mess.
By fall, it will be something pretty cute to wear with a pair of cowboy (girl) boots.

Added to the shop...

Shop my Etsy store.
I am trying to get things added...
But it is a slow process.