Monday, November 19, 2018

BOOM! One more Fall Fashion Fiesta

Well, after months of preparation...
and tons of work and a few sleepless nights... 
It is a thing of the Past.  

BOOM!   Done.   Accomplished.

(and, from my point of view. . . A Success!)

FashiOn ShOw cOllectiOns
 Still Feels Like Summer
SweetNaomi ReCreations
 The ALT Fashion
A Collection by Adri CR
 Slightly Eclectic Collection
SweetNaomi ReCreations
Casa Turquesa Collection
Unique Designs by Dalia
 Wedding Regalia Collection
SweetNaomi ReCreations
Thank You to Shayna for playing along as our bride for the day. 
And, for being a great host - along with all of the Manny's Beach Club Team! 

Thank you to Gwynn for modeling the first dress I ever made.  
(I made this dress when I was 6 years old and Gwynn is also 6 years old.)
Thank You Sponsors!
Including the fantastic teams of Lourdes Rivera and Alex and Gady from Mary Kay 
who did hair and make-up for about 25 ladies in total! 
    Thank you Tamra, Brenda, Edie & Kathy for helping me out all day! 
Thank you Sarah for being our announcer.
Thank you to everyone who attended! 

Thank you to In Focus Photo Studio
(and to the other contributing photographers)

View the entire photo album at:

Thank you such wonderful models.  
A few more highlights...

"Hmmm... Wonder where I left my glasses?"

Thank YOU, Russ.....