Wednesday, November 6, 2013



yeah. yeah.  I know we have photos all over Facebook. . .
And Russ put some Photos and Thank You's on his blog : 

But I still just have to post some Highlights!
We had so much fun.   And everyone looked so really, truly beautiful! 

Almost all of the photos by Manny Sanchez 

SO here goes: 

9:00 a.m.
Such a Wonderful group of talented Hair and MakeUp People who all volunteered
to work together on this Community Project! 
 I am so impressed!   Thanks so much!
At Nelly Ans Salon located in the Mirador . . .  They rocked!  
Anna at work
Ashley at work! 

Martin at work. . . Bohemian tattoos
Karen from MakeUp Arts
Evalyn of MakeUp Arts concentrating!
The Mary Kay Ladies making it happen!
Maru taking time out for a quick makeover!

10:30 a.m. 

How long does it take four people to walk across this room?
Figuring out the lighting and photo angles.

11:00 a.m. 

12:00 a.m. 
This year we did it a bit differently, the individual model ensemble descriptions 
were all listed in the program instead of being read in detail during the show.

Someone already made a purchase.

OK. The sound guy is ready - So here we go!
1:00 p.m.  
On with the Show...

Casa Turquesa Consignment Store Collection

"Casa Turquesa  has selected four ensembles from their store.  These selections represent just a fraction of the many and diverse choices currently available in the store." 

Black and Ivory Winter Collection

"This cozy Winter White Collection will have you yearning for a chilly day.  From a new coat designed by Naomi to her popular Sweater Coat Re-Creations, each of these designs is perfect for cool evenings here in Penasco – or wherever you may be traveling this winter. Note the black and gray outfit which was a commissioned alteration project to be 
embellished and now, worn again as new!"

Black Dalia's Collection

"Dalia showcases her creative spirit and attention to detail which is her trademark. She has a unique sense of style and sense of humor which translates into each design. Dalia creates clothing and jewelry designs."
Love the red roses on  her shoulder!
Autumn Hues Bohemian Collection

"For Autumn you just cannot go wrong with Nature’s stunning hues of brown and orange. These dresses are inspired by Bohemian and gypsy style.  Three of the dresses are ReCreations – each is a composite of several pieces of clothing which have been fused into unique new stylings." 

"This next outfit is Naomi’s “take-off” straight from the
Dolce and Gabbana Runway. She fell in love with the look and when she found a 
"copycat" fabric she could not resist trying to create a similar suit."

The Altered Ropa Winners were awarded their cash and trophy.

People’s Choice Award:  Eileen Ramos Pacheco

1st Place Evening or Formal:  Tamra Tobin

Grand Prize Winner:  Rosa Elvira Leyva Duarte _____________________________________________


"Cathi's inspiration is the Harley Davidson influence on fashion. No longer a fashion tabu, the studs, spikes, skulls and tattoos are mainstream fashion. Cathi will customize any garment with studs, spikes, leather and other items."
These girls are definitely ready for next weekend's Motorcycle Rally!

SweetNaomi ReCreations

 Special Occasion Collection

"If you have special occasion clothing in your closet – who knows maybe it can be Re-Created, Updated and worn again!  Gather up those great items…and Schedule an appointment at the Off the Beach Workshop."

Linda’s custom commissioned scarf dress.

At least a dozen scarves Re-Create a vision of the Seashore.

"Our final dress of the day is one of Naomi’s favorite Re-Designs.  This dress was featured at the Tucson Flamenco Festival this last September.  This was the second year that Naomi was invited to present her ReCreated Flamenco-Inspired Designs."

. . . She is a Flamenco Dancer! . . . (She just never knew!)  _________________________________
Photo by Tony Ballesteros
We had a lot of fun putting this together for you! 
Hope you Enjoyed It! 
Hosted by Naomi Black  with Co-hosts Cathi and Dalia

See You Next Time!