Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fashion Frenzy

So, I was checking out some of the 
Fashions going down the Runways for 2017.
Wanted to get some inspiration....
Hmmm. Who is going to be wearing these?

My Opinions:
First off the shoes are all BEYOND BAD.
The mis-matched socks, hilarious. 
The girl in pink looks extremely ill.
Somewhat "home-made" quality to a couple of these, huh?
However, I do Love that the stripes are not horizontal.


My Opinions:
Again. . . The shoes. Ugh.
Somebody forgot their slip...
Somebody is wearing their pillowcase.
The stripes, hat and tennis shoes is just a Mess (and, not hot).
And, the blue and green looks like a craft project gone awry. 
However, I do kinda like the big bow in front of that pink dress.


My Opinions:
The girl in blue is definitely in some witness protection program.
Another forgotten slip...
Angry girl with a bad hair day and doo-dads gone berserk.
And, another girl with the flu, perhaps? 
However, I do Love the blue shoes. Super-cute.


Now, for a few that I found that I like... 

My Opinions:
What's not to Love. . . black and white polka dots!
And, a funky cool big necklace.

The bohemian dress has fun colors....

The navy with stripes - Simple and elegant...and thinning, too.

And the sunny yellow one, just the bodice is spectacular.
Plus, the shoes are classics!

Ok!  I have some inspiration.
Thanks for joining me.
Now, I gotta get busy. . .

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Cathy Chase said...

Definitely on the same page as you, Naomi. LOVE the yellow and the navy in the last batch!!