Tuesday, January 13, 2015

La Cueva ~ A New Boutique

So, my little studio and workshop "Off the Beach" is only open on Friday. 
Of course, you can also see my "junque" (ie: designs, eclectica, etc) at the 
Mermaid's Market on the 1st and 3rd Saturday each month 
through April at the Shrimp Plaza. 
But, now you can shop all week long . . . Ha! 
The new gift shop and boutique is open at Sonoran Spa. 

So, here is the deal, it is inside the mini market. 
So you have to go in through the mini market to visit the shop.

(Around the corner & to the left from of main entrance/lobby of Sonoran Spa)

Stop by and Check it out!

meanwhile, back at my studio. . . .
Just in time for January Jam,
I have tons of bar t-shirt skirts and this great Bandito's Dress.
Somebody needs to wear this to the concert 
(and be the best dressed girl there!) yes.

MARIA MARIA skirt  (also, perfect for RCPM concert)

Country song lyrics "Sea Debris" beach sign

Another Sea Debris beach sign with authentic "found" beach wood. 

More junque at the shop. (Notice the "que" on my junque) 

One of my favorites. 

Fun bar t-shirt skirts

Skirts, and scarves  . . .   (Oh! that peacock skirt is a beauty)

Hand-Painted and detailed with Tattered fabric fringe

 ______________________   o    o    o   ____________________

Just announced! 
Yes we are doing it again for 2015!
With some surprises and great fun! 
APRIL 18th, 2015  

 ______________________   o    o    o   ____________________

Every 1st & 3rd Saturday thru April. 
At the Shrimp Plaza.

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