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Thursday, July 21, 2011


“Don't grow up too quickly,   
lest you forget how much you love the beach.”
~ Michelle Held 

Here is some "Sea Debris" along with 
the beauty of Nature that we found 
on the beach in an afternoon walk.
A tiny green bit of sea glass

A blue translucent jelly fish trapped on the shore. 

There are not too many on the beach yet.  Summer's little menace!

THE FIND OF THE DAY! These are not common here.
Size comparison. Little Beauty! 

Anybody lose their registration? Good 'til next March!

Another funky little shell. . . . Necklace?  (Yikes who is the 8 month pregnant looking person in the
shadow?)  I guess that is what I get for carrying all my stuff around like a homeless beach bum.....

Osprey on a fence post.

Low cruisin' pelicans

In flight.

A tiny fish feeding frenzy at Russ' feet.

Bird walk.

Another shot of the osprey before he heads off into the sunset.

"Make sure you don't go to the ocean with a teaspoon. 
At least take a bucket so the kids won't laugh at you."

~ Jim Rohn 

Collect some sea shells treasures. 
And then come visit my workshop! 
You can create your own Treasure box, picture frame or other gift. 

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