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Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrift store Capris made into a skirt....

Here are my $2.00 Capris that I bought at the Goodwill store. They fit really weird in that the seam around the upper leg was super tight. Otherwise they were great and had tons of cool pockets and detailing. I had to make them work for me! So I decided to revamp them (upcycle, it what you may) into a summer skirt. 
First step was to cut off the legs at the funky tight seam.

Next step was to remove the crotch seam in order to make into a skirt.

Removing the fabric that formed the capri's "crotch".
Next, I opened up each leg at the inner seam. And placed each as the front and back of the new skirt. Notice that I left the extra fabric to fill in the V formed from removing the crotch seam of the capris in order to create the skirt.

The back needed some "patchwork-ing" in order to fill in all the areas.

The funky leg pocket from the capris is reused as a front pocket on the skirt. (This also covers over a weird area where the crotch seam and zipper didn't look quite right). And makes for a useful lipstick pocket! ...Ha! 

Front view of finished new skirt.
Back side..... (sorry about that... Nobody should photograph a butt exactly.)   'But', here is the view of the finished skirt.

Side view shows how the old capris had a drawstring at each leg which was incorporated into each side of the skirt creating a tiny side walking "slit".  

So there you go! 
A pretty quick, easy and fun project! I have since made several more of these. 
You can do it too!

Or, if you are a local... I can remake your old capris into a fun summer skirt! 
Come by any Wednesday to my "Off the Beach" Workshop & Studio!
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Lisa said...

WoW... Super Cool Naomi!!
Especially l♥ve what you did with the diagonal pocket!! Cleverly done!!

ps... cute behind!

Grant and Judy MacKenzie said...

Very creative! Are you selling the skirts? See you Wednesday!
Love your blog.