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Saturday, September 10, 2011


"A mother's treasure is her daughter." 
~Catherine Pulsifer

Bethany is such an artist. 
Yesterday I wandered through my house just
photographing some of the paintings that she has given me over the years. 
I thought I would share them. 

Two of her Paintings in my Living Room

A self portrait with her brother, Ben.

At my request she copied this famous painting for me. 

Bethany painted this from a famous painting for me. She put herself as a little girl in the picture. I love it!

I love how she sees herself!  Mindful, Stubborn & Confident.

From her teenage years.... 

Gotta love the blue shoes.

This last painting is an underwater fantasy picture. 
I think it is absolutely fantastic!   
The next painting is not in my house. Bethany is still working on it.
Hopefully, I will have it in my studio soon and it will be for sale.
I am trying to encourage Bethany to pursue her art. 
Under the Sea

1 comment:

Lisa said...

well .. you definitely have bragging rights!!! Bethany is one talented gal! I just L♥Ve the one of her and Ben... I knew right away who it was in the painting...♥♥♥ Most Excellent!!!!!