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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I was Quiet in March. . .

I had that underwater feeling thru-out the entire month of March. 
Trying to accomplish way too much! 
There weren't enough hours in the day... the way I count hours.

So, here we are in April. 
The weather is getting to be perfect, 
I am thinking that I may not even want to sit in front of a computer 
or a sewing machine, actually.  

Well, here are some snippets of my thoughts. 
Let's see how scattered they are today.
Here is a selection of t-shirts to be reassembled into a t-shirt dress. 
Finished T-shirt dress.  Blue & Cafe. 
Shown with necklace - which is slightly askew...
 So that necklace has a detachable bracelet 
which is a funky little added bonus! 
(And, yes the dress and jewelry is for sale in my shop.)
I am aware that you did not ask... just thought I would mention it. 
Next up...
My most favorite & gorgeous upcycle project yet! 
 And, why did I not take photos of the before items? 
(Because I am a loser.)
Actually, this started out as a size xxx-small beautfully beaded skirt. (It was smaller than any human being!) The skirt was a segunda find (or yard sale) and had no lining or slip and a busted zipper. 
So, I made it into a much more realistic size by adding the silk insets on the hips. These were from a long discarded gray silk top which is also used for the little collar ruffles on the front - which are blowing in the breeze in the photo.The t-shirt tank is new. Along with added embellishments taken from a different t-shirt.
Then, I used some of the extra tank fabric for the belt and formed a tiny gray silk rosebud for detail. 
I love this one. 
Also for sale in my shop - unless I change my mind and keep it... 
     Nope. Yep.        
                                             Nope.     Yep.   

Onto the newest project: 
Cast off Costume Jewelry finds for a new collection. 
 A lady (Sally) came by the Farmers' Market & then stopped by my shop.
After seeing some of my creations.....she brought me this array of her jewelry. 
So, this is my latest project.  

There is just this one small problem.....

Someone seems to be calling me to the Beach!
Photo taken by Russ on Tuesday, April 3rd.
Spring is nature's way of saying,
 "Let's party!"  

~Robin Williams 

The Sea Is Always Calling
Up from the Silence it comes
Calling me again.
Lapping at my Memory
Building in my Head.
Pounding the Beach in my Mind
Calling me back.
The Waves are fierce now
Crashing and booming and breaking.
The Swells overwhelm me
(And, I cannot finish my Work!)
Thoughts of the Ocean beating in my head.
Just like every other time when the Water
Reaches the high tide Crescendo.
When the white foam breaks over the top
Pouring through my Memory.
Roaring in my ears
Calling me again.
Return to the me..
There will be no Peace
No Calm.  No Release.  Until it Recedes.
Flows out of my head. 
Pools quietly into a subtle low tide.
The waves just a whisper.
Return to me the sea quietly begs
Again and again.
Return to me...the sea...the sea.

~ by Naomi Black

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