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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Project

OK So, we are all just waiting for our new baby.  (Nieto). . .  ♡
I already have a very special gift for him and his two brothers!
Ha ha  I could not resist the title on this book!

So, what else is there to do?
Well, I have some fabric

And, two old chairs that need some help. . . 

 And, so our 4 day project begins.
Yes, "our" because I needed Russ' help with this project.

The "De-Construction

 Yes, there were thousands of staples 
to be removed (thousands no joking)

Marking all the important points

Making the pattern pieces 
and adding notes

Cutting the new fabric
and marking it

Then, Re-Construction
And, before the week was done,
they were finished.

Well, there was my little project to help pass the time.


"Oh! Baby, bebe where fore art thou, mi nieto."

(My Shakespeare-Mexican Song lyrics)

OK So I gotta stay busy.
"Time flies when you are having fun." Right?
I think I will clean my house

Maybe a mop the floor
Wash a few windows
"Oh. Please! Save me baby. . . Not Housework!"

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