Thursday, July 15, 2010

Golden Ideas

Sooo. . .
I have a million ideas. That is not good as it seems to have overwhelmed me.
The base color of the items that I purchased was an array of golden hues. What did I find in my leftovers and scraps that would add to the final garment? Way too much (muchas mas cosas!)

Here goes with a few photos:

I recently made a wedding dress for a beautiful beach wedding.
The dress was gold and I have just a few small remaining scraps of the sequin lace and a few leftover buttons.

I have the leftover fabric scraps from a skirt that I recently made for myself.

And, I found about 2 yards of a matching suede-look fabric with a more earthy brown tone.

And, baubles of every color.
Yikes! My bead collection consists of a bowl of pearls and beads. . . I am quite the disorganized person as I notice in the photo a misplaced button and lost earring back amidst the beads and pearls. Geez! Life is way too "messy" to have everything in a place of it's own.

I would feel lost if I got too organized around here.

OH yeah I found a string of crazy gold pearls that was once upon a time supposed to be part of a retro flapper dress that I never made. And, I will throw that in just in case.

I am aiming for my submission to be for the February issue of the magazine.
Its the "Spring " issue, but it will be out during February, March and April.
Those just seem like months when you'd be still wearing a jacket in most areas.
Hmmm. An embellished jacket in hues of brown & gold with leather boots and a pair of jeans just sounds like it would look completely fantastic.
I am just kinda re-thinking my dress idea.
Perhaps a jacket. That suede fabric could become sleeves and a collar. . .

Well, here it all is:

I believe my next step is to get all of this on the dress form and see what it looks like. I am anxious to see how that curtain valance is going to hang, as I really want to preserve the funky drape of it with that great beaded fringe.

Until next time.

PS Give me some comments! Let me know what you think!

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Unknown said...

oh ~ I love the jacket idea.. long or cropped?? & to be paired with jeans.. love that idea super elegant golds with denim -- great combo! This is going to be awesome!