Friday, July 9, 2010

The Project.....unveiled


Thrift Store Purchase for my Altered Couture Project:

Women's Lace lined top 3.99
Curtain Valance 2.99
Ecru cotton Doily 2.99
Bag of fabric scraps 1.99
Total: $ 11.96

~ "Yea!" I made it! Quite under budget for the $20.00 limit for Thrift store purchases.


Curtain Valance:
This was the first piece that I found & was my
inspiration, as it were. It has an interesting pleated
look to it (note in the top photo). I plan to retain the pleats in the garment. The fringes are interspersed with small, gold glass-look beads.

Top: Only the front of the top is lined. The lace has a daisy/floral design. It also was in need of a bit of mending at some of the seams, which I did. And it has a few "pulls" in the lace which I will have to work around.

Doily: My plan is to cut each of the small floral rounds apart. Prior to doing this, I will touch up each intersecting point with Fray-Check so it will not undo.

Fabric: I found a grab bag of fabric and trims.
None of which really matched except two small pieces of a fabric with the look of suede. One piece matches the top and the other piece matches the valance. I am not certain if or how I will use these pieces; but they are good to have.

Next: I am going to scavenge my workshop to discover what other treasures I may find to add to my Ingredients.

SO. . . What do you think? ... any ideas?
How should I put these parts together?
Comment and give me YOUR input!

(My first thought is a dress.) . . . hmmm

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Unknown said...

Yes, I agree a dress is a good idea....but, what about a vest? Is there too much material? I only say this because I LOVE vests :)