Friday, September 28, 2012

and, Here We Go!

Thursday Night Fashion Show at the 
Tucson Flamenco Festival 

ON Wednesday evening we arrived for a rehearsal. A group of volunteer models and flamenco dance students were gathered in the dance studio so that we could match up dresses with models.  There were just three designers this year, Deanna, Claudia and of course, me.  

Deanna would show her designs first. a collection of flamenco inspired dance dresses and skirts.  Next I would show my collection of Re-Created Flamenco and aficionado dresses. And last would be Claudia, who had the most traditional flamenco dresses and is a veteran designer for this fashion show. 

Although I had 10 dresses to show, it was decided that we would each show just 7 ensembles. This was a slight disappointment to me (just being honest), but soon the models were searching through the dresses. 

I watched as the girls and women sorted and traded dresses until 7 ensembles were fitted with 7 of the ladies.  I had a variety of styles and a diverse groups of ladies, my models were ladies between about 17 and 72 years old.

All Ready. . . Waiting for the Show to Start 

Soon it was Thursday night and everyone was ready....
and waiting. 

                           and waiting.

                                                       and waiting.

It seemed to take forever for the time to come!! 
But soon we were on...
The Fringe & Roses Gypsy Dancer Dress  

Black & Red Fringe Aficionado Dress w/ Fascinator hat  

White Wedding Cake Flamenco Dress....

The picture does not do this gorgeous dress & model  justice.
(just saying)

Black and tan Dress with a hint of red 

The ladies all lined up across the stage. 

I was told that at the end, I was to come out on stage and take a bow.
Well, I asked all of my models to do some "foot stomping" as soon as I bowed....
That brought a smile even from the M.C.  

But you guys know me... I was not on stage for more than a second....
I had to get outta there! 
(Russ said I only lasted for about 14 seconds and not long enough for a photograph!)

On "Do-Overs" You would see a great smiling me facing the audience. 
Maybe next time, huh?   

So, here is my HUGE THANKS to my volunteer models: 
Marianna and the other Mariana, Michelle, Rocio, Ava, Kirsten and Halsey. 

Next it was time for the girls to change. The models who were also dancers had to get ready for their performance. And, I got the dresses together to show at the Boutique.

Its gonna be a tough sale here... 
Sharing a very small, somewhat dark booth with the two other designers
and, we have no fitting room....
 But it is fun and Russ and I are enjoying the nightly shows!  

What a great evening. 
And a wonderful learning experience for me.

Designers:  Deanna, Claudia and mine. 

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Unknown said...

Whooo Whoooo {whistle whistle}
♦♦ Way to go girl!! ♦♦

Awesome show .. Gorgeeeeous dresses.
my favorite .. the one you are wearing .. which I am sure is a Naomi original as well :o) ♥