Monday, September 10, 2012

This Project Consumes Me!

As you may have read in my last posting 
(or scroll down to see it) 
I started a new project.

Little did I realize that it would simply become
all consuming...  

This is not a good thing, necessarily,
as I find myself thinking about ruffles, fringes, 
flowers, dancing skirts and polka dots 
way too often... 

It is like completely 
self-induced insanity. 

However, I find it to be, on the other hand, 
Totally FUN. 

I promised myself not to show 
my finished projects to anyone.  
However, here are a few partial photos 
of the blue and gold dress. 

My friend explained to me a process 
to make some new flowers... 
and I have been practicing those too. 

All of this has to come to an end. 
I can enter 10 dresses in the Flamenco Fashion Show. 

I have 8 dresses completed. 
With large flowers to add to the model's hair. 

With just two more dresses to go, I am having a hard time deciding on those last ones! 

Here is a sample idea of what I start with for a dress. 
These four outfits will be combined into one flamenco dance dress. 
Can you picture it? 

Well, I can tell you - It turned out to be one of my favorites! 

Remember, you can attend any or all 4 days of the Tucson Flamenco Festival
all starting with the Fashion Show on Thursday night. 
Septmber 27 - 30



1 comment:

Unknown said...

What fun .. I love your passion!!
The dress is stunning .. and you have mastered the flowers .. aren't they fun!

Wish I was close enough to attend .. would love to see your creations in person......... ♥