Saturday, August 18, 2012

"I Am Committed!"

Photo from Seville, Spain at the Palacio Andaluz

I love these dresses!  I love this style!
As you may already know if you know me or have ever looked at my blog or website 
with much interest. For instance, I have a page on this website called Flamenco Passion 
and I have a Online Photo Album called Spain in Ten.

Recently, I subscribed to a newsletter from a flamenco dance company in 
Tucson, Arizona, Flamenco del Pueblo Viejo.  
In their most recent email, they announced the 

I decided to check out their website. 
. . . And then I found this: 

Love fashion?  Love flamenco?  
Be a part of the Tucson Spanish and Flamenco Festival Fashion Show!
Throughout the years, fashion has rocked the flamenco world with traditional and innovative costumes for occasions such as Sevilla’s annual Feria celebration, theater and small venue performances, and flamenco parties of all styles. Lately, flamenco flare has branched out to everyday wear all over the world!
The Tucson Spanish and Flamenco Festival, now in its fourth year, would like to offer you the opportunity to show your skills and show the community what it takes to create a flamenco fashion masterpiece. Anyone who is a fan of flamenco style can incorporate flamenco fashion into everyday ensembles.  Participating designers will also have the opportunity to sell selected items at the Festival’s Flamenco Boutique! On Thursday, September 27, 2012, this dynamic fashion show will kick-off our weekend of festivities.  Last year’s Fashion Show was a huge success – one of the festival’s most popular events – and once again this feature is sure to excite! Come join the flamenco fun!

The Temptation! 
What followed were several days of changing my mind back & forth several times... 
(Because basically, I am a chicken.)
It appears to be almost 2 years ago exactly 
that I entered a sewing contest with much enthusiasm 
...only to be disheartened.
From my Sept 10, 2010 Blog entry

Of course, my designs always seem to focus on RePurpose,
ReDesigning, ReCreating & ReCycling other garments. 
So I gathered up some of the things that I had in the closet. 
Things that I knew could use a new life. 

Then I went online and searched through websites from near and far 
looking at the flamenco style - both traditional and modern. 
My Pinterest Collection of Flamenco Style 

Here is a short video with some ideas....

Finds from the Closet.

And, the Application was Submitted! 

So, here goes.... 
Chopping dresses in half, shredding sleeves, 
slicing skirts, searching for fringes, 
hand sewing flowers and gathering laces.

"Why did I decide to do this?"


"Oh that one looks good."  

Wanna go to the Festival? 
This will be a weekend of Fantastic Musica & Dance! 

Thursday, September 27th – 8 pm – 10 pm 
8:30 pm – Moda Flamenca! Fashion show featuring designers and flamenco-inspired couture. 
9:30 pm – Guitarras Flamencas y Guitarras Espanol: Including: Misael Barraza, Chuscales, and others

Friday, September 28th – 8 pm – midnight 
9 pm – Flamenco del Pueblo Viejo 
10 pm – Flamenco: Traditional & innovative flamenco featuring musicians, singers and musicians from Cadiz, Cordoba, Jerez de la Frontera, Granada Spain, along with ones from Southern France & Los Angeles.

Saturday, September 29th –  8 pm – midnight 
9 pm – Flamenco del Pueblo Viejo 
10 pm – Juncal Street: Six flamenco artists each coming from a different culture.

Sunday, September 30th – Familias Flamencas: 
 Flamenco for the whole family! 3 pm – 5 pm 


“She would be half a planet away,
floating in a turquoise sea, 
dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar.”
~ Janet Fitch 



Unknown said...

Fabulous!!!! This sounds like you Perfectly!!!! No more Chicken (cluck) You can do it! Have fun and do your best! It's not "all" about the win .. it is about being part of something that you love and inspires you ... Xx my competitive friend♥

MexicoNaomi said...

ThanX Lisa!! I need the push.
I have 5 dresses done,as of now.
And am taking a break until I find some more inspiration.....