Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Old Stuff or New Stuff . . .

Well, here we are coming up on the end of the Season in Peñasco. 
It is so fun to be super busy. . . 
but it will be nice to relax (just looking ahead to July August and September.)

For now, MAY is SALE MONTH for my studio! 
At both Mermaid's Markets in May there will be 
Lots of Sale items at my booth -  most of them 50% off. 

The First few things on the SALE RACK at my Studio.


Finding a good location to take photos is really tough. 
Being quite the amateur photographer, 
they rarely turn out as nice as wished...ugh. 
 This time I decided to use the cactus/seashell garden and porch. 

Here is a photo from about 3 years ago. 

Now, Look how it has grown in! Wow! 

Here goes my amateur - and terribly hokey -
"photo shoot" (ha ha) 

 At first, maybe use the words on the outside wall? 
Kinda nice actually. . .
(but the neighbors are gonna think somebody's gone nutty).
OK so move it inside, after all.
This works.

So. . . There's NEW STUFF! 
I am working on getting the Inventory added to 
the Etsy On-line Shop for the summer.


Preview. . . 
Lots of beach cover-up, fun skirts

The studio. 

Pirate Treasures.

Mermaid Treasures.

Plus, all NEW Mexicosis Therapy

"Go, go, go!
Lucky diagnosis
You've got to stop and smell the roses
Honey, you got you a chronic case of Méxicosis."

'Well I don't hurry, I don't worry, while the modern world's all a flurry
I'm slowin'  down

It's un-insurable, incurable, but delightfully endurable
I've found   The only remedy   Is to be
Perpetually  Southbound!"

by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

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