Sunday, October 25, 2015

On an Autumn Afternoon

A Sunday afternoon project.
I gathered up some autumn colors. . .

Sunday project. When all else fails, be creative.
So, here goes.... what will I do with these items?
I am thinking something vintage.
Here are the pieces:  A sparkly india-style kurdi tunic.
A cut velvet scarf. A velvet textured skirt.  A bunch of fringe and beads.

And, a search for inspiration.

Here we go. . .

The first cut.

Making the sleeves 
Bodice and cummerbund are complete

Cutting the skirt

Attaching the skirt

The Dress

Adding detailing at the neckline

Cutting out some extra embellishments

Ok. So let's see how it turned out.
Front view 

Front detailing 

Back view 

Back detailing 
See this dress and more at my studio
and at our local Mermaid's Markets.

And, ending with my favorite "Downton" quote:

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